Search Committee Members

Ted Whitwell Search Committee, Chair
CAFLS Associate Dean for Academic Programs 864-656-5333

John Andrae
Associate Professor
Extension Program Team Leader, Livestock & Forages

Pam Ardern
State 4-H Program Leader (864) 650-0295

Della Baker
State Program Leader for Evaluation, Accountability, and Staff Development (864) 656-5818

Susan Barefoot
Professor Emerita
Extension Program Team Leader, Food Safety & Nutrition (864) 656-5682

Brian Beer
Area Extension Agent, Livestock
located in Lancaster County 803-283-3302, Ext. 115

Tom Brant
Area Extension Agent, Forestry & Natural Resources
Based in McCormick County (864)852-2112 Ext 115

Steve Cole
Interim Director, Regulatory Services (864) 646-2122

Jonathan Croft
Area Extension Agent, Row Crops
located in Orangeburg County (803) 563-0135

Trish DeHond
Area Extension Agent, Agriculture and Row Crops
located in Darlington County 843-393-0484 Ext 112

Meredith Driver
Administrative Assistant, Extension Field Operations (864) 656-7592

Mac Horton
Director, Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development 
and Sandhill Research and Education Center (803) 788-5700

John Mueller
Professor and Director, Edisto Research and Education Center (803) 284-3343

Cal Sawyer
Assistant Professor
State Water Resources Program Team Leader (864) 656-4072

Cory Tanner
Area Extension Agent, Horticulture
located in Greenville County 864-232-4431 Ext 122