About Extension

The national Cooperative Extension Service engages citizens to improve economic development and quality of life by delivering research-based information in agriculture, natural resources, food safety and nutrition, economic and community development, and 4-H youth development. South Carolina Cooperative Extension is based at the state’s two land-grant institutions — Clemson University and South Carolina State University. Clemson Extension agents are located in all 46 counties and at the university's five Research and Education Centers.

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Partnerships & Collaboration

Clemson is part of a national system of land-grant universities and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Statewide research, extension and regulatory programs (Public Service Activities) enhance economic growth in S.C. agriculture and forestry industries through a continuous process of identifying critical issues, finding solutions and transferring knowledge to farmers, foresters and land managers.

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The College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (CAFLS) supports Clemson University’s land-grant mission to provide education, research and service to the public. CAFLS faculty members teach major subjects and core curricula while preparing students to be leaders, creative thinkers, and communicators.  Emphasis is placed on engaging students in research, internships/coops, study abroad, and service learning. CAFLS research is focused on the sustainability of agriculture, forests, and natural resources; food and packaging systems to ensure a healthy and safe food supply; and biomedical sciences to improve human and non-human health.

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Clemson's Experiment Station is part of a nationwide system of scientists working to improve the quality of lf life for people in their home state, the nation and the world.  Clemson scientists have been involved in this effort since 1889 when the university was founded and the South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station was based on the Clemson campus.
Research is conducted in laboratories, farms, and forests on the Clemson campus and at five research and education centers strategically located in the state's distinct soil and climate regions. Areas of study include coastal forests and ecosystems, food safety and packaging science, environmental conservation, and ornamental horticulture, as well as commercial production of timber, crop plants, and livestock.

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