Other Extension Programs in ESPS

Extension apiculture (Clemson campus) – Mike Hood

Extension cotton pest management (Edisto REC) – Jeremy Greene

Extension cotton specialist (Pee Dee REC) – Mike Jones

Extension field crop entomology (Pee Dee REC) - Francis Reay-Jones

Extension forage and grazing systems (Clemson campus) - John Andrae

Extension Hispanic 4-H Youth Programs (Clemson campus) - Bob Lippert

Extension Pesticide Information Program (Clemson campus) - Bob Bellinger

Extension nematology (Edisto REC) – John Mueller

Extension ornamental crops & tree diseases in nurseries, greenhouses, & landscapes (Clemson campus) – Steve Jeffers

Extension peach disease management (Clemson campus) – Guido Schnabel

Extension peanut management (Edisto REC) – Jay Chapin, emeritus

Extension small grains pest management (Edisto REC) – Jay Chapin, emeritus

Extension small grains physiology, switchgrass as a biofuel (Pee Dee REC) - Jim Frederick

Extension turf and ornamentals pest management (Pee Dee REC) – J.C. Chong

Extension turf diseases (Pee Dee REC) – Bruce Martin

Extension sustainable agriculture training and education (Clemson campus) – Geoff Zehnder

Extension tobacco diseases (Pee Dee REC) – Bruce Fortnum

Extension urban pest management schools (Clemson campus) – Eric Benson

Extension vegetable diseases (Coastal REC) – Anthony Keinath

Extension weed science (Edisto REC) - Mike Marshall