Karen Bryson Receives 2008 Outstanding Staff Performance Award

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Clemson University

January 2009


Award Letter by G. Schnabel

Karen Bryson (shown above with Dean Alan Sams) is the key person in my -what I believe- is a very productive research laboratory. She has a tremendous amount of technical skills that include methods used in entomology, biochemistry, plant pathology and molecular biology. She enthusiastically shares her wealth of experience and knowledge with undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctoral scientists. Because of her friendly and pleasant nature, students feel very comfortable asking for help and guidance. She has the ability to motivate students and I have never seen her indicating frustration or anger even though she is often working with unskilled personnel. Besides training students and postdoctoral scientists, she is responsible for general lab maintenance, such as ordering supplies, maintaining equipment, and handling the paperwork. She is very conscientious about spending research money and I have saved thousands of dollars because she is proactively comparing prices and finds ways to make the most out of things. Karen also watches out for laboratory safety of everybody, especially inexperienced work study students. 

Karen is a very dedicated and hard working technician, who is excited about taking on her own research project in addition to doing everything else mentioned above. She does not shy away from reading scientific literature and discussing issues with me. If necessary, she stays late in the laboratory to finish up an experiment. She also comes in on the weekends to water greenhouse plants. She simply enjoys generating data in the spirit of science and advancement of knowledge. As a result, she is a coauthor on several publications and often she present her research at scientific meetings:

Peer reviewed papers (2004-2008):
Holb, I.J., P. K. Byson, and G. Schnabel 2008. Molecular characterization of Monilinia fructicola populations with different sensitivities to DMI fungicides. Phytopathology 98:S68.

Cox, K.D., Bryson, P.K., and Schnabel, G. 2007. Characterization of Monilinia fructicola isolates resistant to propiconazole Phytopathology 97:S25.

Cox, D. K., K. P. Bryson, and G. Schnabel 2007. Instability of propiconazole resistance and fitness in Monilinia fructicola. Phytopathology 97:448-453.

Schnabel, G., P. K. Bryson, and M. A. Williamson 2006. First Report of Armillaria tabescens causing Armillaria root rot of Pindo Palm in South Carolina. Plant Dis. 90:1106.
Schnabel, G., J. S. Ash, and P. K. Bryson 2005. Identification and characterization of Armillaria tabescens from the southeastern United States. Mycol. Res. 109:1208-1222.

Schnabel, G., K. E. Bussey, and P. K. Bryson, 2005. First Report of Armillaria gallica causing Armillaria root rot in daylily in South Carolina. Plant Dis. 89:683, 2005.

Schnabel, G., P. K. Bryson, W. C. Bridges, and P. M. Brannen 2004. Reduced sensitivity in Monilinia fructicola to propiconazole in Georgia and implications for disease management. Plant Dis. 88:1000-1004.   

In summary, Karen manages my lab superbly, is an invaluable resource for my students, and conducts research to my upmost satisfaction. She is reliable, trustworthy, friendly, helpful, and an exceptional team player.  I strongly recommend a formal acknowledgement for her dedication to the fruit pathology laboratory and Clemson University.