Diseases and Disease Management

Fruit diseases and rots (pictures)

  • Brown rot, Monilinia fructicola
  • Bacterial spot (BS), Xanthomonas
    • Management of BS without Mycoshield (GA,SC Peach newsletter, .pdf)
    • High risk of BS on peaches for 2003 season (GA,SC Peach newsletter, .pdf)
    • Low rates of copper as effective as Mycoshield? (GA,SC Peach newsletter, .pdf)
    • Earliest BS symptoms (GA,SC Peach newsletter.pdf)
    • Bacterial spot update (GA,SC Peachnewsletter, pdf)
  • Peach scab, Fusicladosporium carpophilum, management
  • Rhizopus and Gilbertella rot
  • Other summer diseases; Anthracnose, Phomopsis, Sour rot (.pdf, 113 KB)
  • Leaf curl, Taphrina deformans
  • Powdery mildew (GA,SC Peach Newsletter article (.pdf)
  • Peach rust

Root rots (pictures)

Twig blights (pictures)

  • Constriction canker, Phomopsis amygdali (GA, SC Peach Newsletter article, .pdf)
  • Blossom blight, Monilinia fructicola (GA, SC Peach Newsletter article, .pdf)

Scaffold limb and tree decline