Schnabel Lab 2011

Lab Pictures

  • 2008 lab photo (Hetal Kalariya, Karen Bryson, Alexis Nagel, Guido Schnabel, and Achour Amiri)
  • 2011 lab photo (Wang Fei, Camilla Martini, Karen Byson, Dolores (Lola) Fernandez Ortuno, Fengping Chen, Guido Schnabel, Xingpeng (Simon) Li)

Present Lab Members

Former Lab Members

  • Wenxuan (Wendy) Chai (China), 2004-2005; 2008-, technical assistant.
  • Fengping C. (China), Visiting Student.Camilla Martini (Italy), Ph. D. Student.
  • Zhu Fuxing
  • Hetal Kalariya (India), 2008-2010, M.S. student
  • Alexis Nagel (USA), 2005-2010, Ph.D. student
  • Chao-Xi Luo (China), 2006-2008, postdoctoral scientist; now at the Department of Plant Protection, College of Plant Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China
  • Achour Amiri (Algeria), 4/2006-, postdoctoral scientist
  • Kerik Cox (USA), 2006-2007, postdoctoral scientist, now at Cornell University, Department of Plant Pathology, Geneva, NY
  • Imre J. Holb (Hungary), 2006, visiting scientist; now at the University of Debrecen, Hungary
  • Karen Bussey (USA), 2005-2006, MS student, now county agent working for NCState
  • Joshua Ash, 2004, undergraduate student
  • Hongwen Huang (China), 2003, visiting scientist
  • Manjiri Paradkar (India), 2002-2003, technical assistant
  • Qun Dai (China), 2001-2002, postdoctoral scientist; now at the University of Alabama working with Dr. John Kappes
  • Z.Sun (Sonny) (China), 2001-2002, technical assistant; now at the University of Alabama working with Dr. Nassrin Bashpi
  • Lynn Luszcz (USA), 2000, technical assistant
    (China), 6/2009-5/2010