Ornamental Horticulture

bright pink flower againstthe blue skyOrnamental horticulture contributes some $200 million each year to South Carolina's economy and is the fastest growing segment of agriculture today.

To support this growth, Clemson research and extension efforts are developing and providing the information needed by both commercial growers and homeowners.

Research spans all phases of greenhouse and nursery production, including light management, tissue culture propagation, disease control, and optimizing chemical efficiencies while protecting the environment. In addition, genetic studies have developed the means to certify that plants are disease-free, as well as to improve disease resistance through selective breeding. 

Extension programs address the specialized needs of commercial growers, as well as offering consumer education through the statewide Master Gardener program.

For more information, visit the Clemson University Department of Horticulture's ornamental program.  For pest management guidelines and economic reports, choose from the links on the left.