There are many people that were used as a resource to produce this website. A word of thanks to the following individuals:

Dr. Gary Knox, University of Florida
Dr. Knox provided many of the images used in this site, and spent a number of hours helping identify unknown crape myrtles. He also gave much moral support to this project.

Dr. Raul I. Cabrera, Texas A&M University
Dr. Cabrera offered the use of any images and information from TAMU’s Crape Myrtle Database.

Dr. John Olive, Auburn University
Dr. Olive supplied several images of Cercospora leaf spot, and invited a visit to their research facility in Mobile, Alabama.

David Byers, Byers Nursery
Mr. Byers book, Crapemyrtle: A Grower’s Thoughts, was an invaluable resource for information of different Crapemyrtle varieties.

Dr. Clyde Gorsuch, Clemson University
Dr. Gorsuch was helpful in reviewing insect fact sheets and providing needed images.

Dr. James Blake, Clemson University
Dr. Blake helped by reviewing disease fact sheets and providing images.

F. Brian Smith, Clemson Extension Service
Brian helped with the picture taking, and took up the slack in programming when the time spent on this website accelerated.

Liz Gilland, South Carolina Forestry Commission
Ms. Gilland was greatly beneficial in answering questions dealing with the administration of this grant-funded project.

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