Other Resources

Clemson University Home and Garden Information Center
This site has Hundreds of fact sheets on many home gardening topics.

Texas A&M University Crape Myrtle Database
Search this site for information on hundreds of crape myrtle varieties

U.S. National Arboretum
The National Arboretum is a treasure of ornamental plant breeding and research. It was the work of Dr. Don Egolf that introduced many of the hybrid crape myrtles that we have today. This site has additional pictures and other information about their releases.

University of Florida EDIS
The EDIS page is the gateway to a variety of electronic information on a wide variety of topics. The link below will take you to information on crape myrtles

State Partners

This USDA page has a map which will link you to your state’s Cooperative Extension Service so that you can get pertinent gardening information for your area.


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