Monitoring or scouting prevents little problems from becoming big problems. Scouting consists of regularly scheduled thorough evaluation of crops, growing areas, and other production areas. This component is a critical component of IPM. As a part of the scouting process, quantitative sampling methods must be developed for each crop and pest type. These methods allow for accurate estimation of pest load.

flaggingCareful scouting records can be invaluable in future pest prevention and control planning processes.

Without early detection of pest issues, large scale damages can be quickly incurred. Scouting can limit the expansion of problems.

Thorough monitoring allows for

  • Reduction in damage
  • Prevention
  • Decreased cost of control
  • Recognition of problem's cause and severity
  • Localization of treatment
  • Treatment timing selection
  • Application of more environment-conscious control measures
  • Evaluation of control method effectiveness
  • Pest and control method efficacy archive for future use
  • Adaptation of control protocols to increase future efficacy
  • Increase selling price and ultimately revenue