Water Conservation

There are many simple management practices that can help conserve water and prevent water related issues.

Water can be conserved by:

  • Grouping plants with similar water requirements (based on container sizes and canopy shapes)
  • Ensuring even water distribution in production areas at least once per year
  • Inspecting drip irrigation lines and emitters regularly 
  • Respacing remaining containers (after sales occur) to minimize the area needing irrigation
  • Applying water prior to complete drying to prevent stress and ensure easy rewetting 
  • Maintain the leaching fraction (percentage of water that flows out of the pot) at or below 20%
  • Using drip/microirrigation systems where possible because they are the most efficient irrigation systems
  • Applying overhead irrigation cyclically or in pulses to increase substrate retention of water and decrease nutrient leaching
  • Capturing and reusing runoff from production area
  • Developing constructed wetland systems

tree tube irrigation

If production area runoff is routed quickly off of your property there are a couple of steps you can perform to cheaply and effectively reduce nutrient and chemical presence:

  • Vegetate runoff ditches
  • Install constructed wetland systems