Constructed Wetlands


Wetland in Drainage Ditch Constructed wetlands are a “green” and cost effective treatment technology that nurseries can use to cleanse runoff water.

The average American consumer is fascinated with all things green.  The nursery industry is the original “green” industry and needs to market its products as such.  But how green are you?  Consumers are savvier than ever and truly care about the answer. 

Responsible use of resources is critical to maintain your company over the coming years.  It is likely that nutrient and pesticide release in nursery runoff will be regulated at local, state, and federal levels in the coming years.  At the same time, increased competition for water resources will require more conservative water use practices by the nursery industry.  These practices will include more efficient irrigation methods and recycling of irrigation water.

Researchers at Clemson University are actively investigating and refining critical components in constructed wetlands to meet remediation needs within the nursery and green industries.  A constructed wetlands is a cost effective treatment option to help meet runoff water quality criteria and enhance water reuse efficiency.

This site will help you determine if constructed wetlands are a good treatment option for your nursery or business.