Announcing the new location of the Clemson University Commercial Turfgrass Clinic

The Clemson University Commercial Turfgrass Clinic, formerly located at the Clemson Pee Dee Research and Education Center in Florence, SC has relocated to the Clemson University Plant Problem Clinic in Pendleton, SC. 

This service is provided to golf courses and other turf management professionals who desire expedited diagnostic services.  For samples submitted with the Commercial Turfgrass form, every effort will be made to provide a diagnosis with management recommendations within 48 hours.  In cases where isolations to detect pathogens are required, the initial response will most often be a preliminary report giving a suspected diagnosis and any other available information.  In these cases, a final diagnosis, including management recommendations, will be provided as soon as possible after the preliminary  diagnosis is sent.

Guidelines for Disease Sample Collection and Submission


  1. Prior to collecting a sample, you are encouraged to take digital images showing overall symptoms and patterns of disease.  Submit images to Diagnostician, Meg Williamson, at:

  2. Please collect the sample prior to fungicide treatment, if possible, as this complicates the diagnosis.

  3. Choose symptomatic turf with active disease and collect a 4 to 6 inch diameter sample of sod, using a cup cutter for golf turf. 

  4. Collect the sample from the margin of affected patches with the majority of the turf in the sample coming from the affected area.

    Submit at least 2 plugs from affected areas to make up a representative sample but be advised that samples from widely spaced greens may have different problems.  Because of this, such samples will usually be considered separate samples with a per sample fee charged for each.


  1. Wrap the soil and root zone securely with aluminum foil to prevent soil from contaminating the foliage during shipment.

  2. If shipping multiple samples together, make sure each sample is clearly labeled with a sample ID.

  3. Generally, samples should be enclosed in a plastic bag and then secured with packing material in a sturdy shipment box.

  4. Ship overnight or arrange to submit samples in person.

  5. Avoid shipping on a Friday, as samples may not be delivered when the Clinic is closed.  Operating hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

  6. Complete the Commercial Turfgrass submission form available from the Commercial Turfgrass Clinic website.

  7. Please include the completed form, along with payment, in the package with the sample(s).