Turfgrass Faculty

Dr. J. C. Chong Dr. J. C. Chong Entomology, Soils, & Plant Sciences
Integrated pest management, insect ecology, biological control, insect-plant interactions, environmental toxicology and insect behavior
Dr. Haibo Liu Dr. Haibu Liu Horticulture
Turfgrass physiology, nutrient management, stress physiology and pest management

Dr. Bruce Martin, Jr. Entomology, Soils, & Plant Sciences
Turfgrass pathology and nematology, ecology and epidemiology of turf diseases caused by Rhizoctonia species, soil borne pathogens
Dr. Lambert McCarty Dr. Lambert McCarty Horticulture
General turfgrass horticulture, weed science, stress physiology

Dr. Dara Park Dr. Dara Park Horticulture
Soil and water quality and quality in turfgrass systems

Dr. Jack Whetstone Mr. Jack M. Whetstone Forestry & Natural Resources
Marine aquaculture