Information for Out-of-State Exhibitors

***Changes in Federal Traceability Rules for 2014, Please Read Carefully***

  1. All cattle must have an official state health certificate (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) within 30 days of the event/show and it must accompany the cattle on arrival.
    • The Official individual ID must be recorded on the CVI.
  2. Brucellosis and Tuberculosis testing
    • Brucellosis test not required for calf-hood Brucellosis vaccinated heifers under 20 months of age.
    • Brucellosis test not required for cattle from a Brucellosis-free state or certified herd.
    • Tuberculosis test not required for cattle from a Tuberculosis-free state or certified herd.
    • Brucellosis and Tuberculosis test required for all cattle not meeting the previous requirements.
  3. All cattle must be individually identified with an official ear tag.
    • South Carolina does not accept tattoos or brands as official ID under the traceability rule for cattle entering South Carolina.
    • Official ear tags: Imprinted with Official Eartag Shield and Official ID Number
      1. AIN – 15 digit “840” tags (most will be EIDs – electronic) (Manufacturer codes e.g. “982” and “USA” tags grandfathered if applied prior to 3/11/15)
      2. National Uniform Eartagging Series (NUES) e.g. 56ABC1234

The new official ID/ear tag requirements are part of the new federal traceability rules that we, as show coordinators, have to follow. On January 9, 2013, the USDA published a final rule establishing general regulations for improving the traceability of U.S. livestock moving interstate.  The rule became effective on March 11, 2013.

This rule states that livestock moving interstate have to be officially identified and accompanied by an interstate certificate of veterinary inspection. The ear tags required by South Carolina are the Federal tracking tags with the US Shield on it. You can visit the USDA Animal Traceability website for more information.

For information about approved tags click here.
Approved Animal Identification Number (AIN) Devices
Approved National Uniform Eartagging System (NUES)

Out-of-State exhibitors MUST present official state health certificates (CVI) listing all of their entries to the main show office at check-in.

If an animal has no CURRENT CVI or APPROVED ID that animal will not be permitted to remain on the show grounds.

For additional information, please contact Clemson Livestock-Poultry Health at 803-788-2260.