Equine Training Manual

Chapter 1 An Overview 16 kB
Chapter 2 Water Quality 53 kB
Chapter 3 Reducing the Nutrient Load from Horse Manure
Horse Manure Production & Nutrient Content
Chapter 4 Management, Handling, Transfer, Storage, and Treatment of Manure & Litter from Horse Facilities

Chapter 5 Land Application of Horse Manure

Forest Land Application of Animal Manures

Land Application Examples  
Chapter 6 Irrigation Application Calibration Methods 96 kB

Manure Spreader Calibration 82 kB
Chapter 7 Record Keeping and Reporting 20 kB

Abbreviations & Conversion Factors (n/a)   

Manure Sampling Procedures 18 kB

Sampling Soil & Crop Tissue 26 kB
Chapter 8 Dead Animal Disposal 255 kB
Chapter 9 Odor Control from Horse Facilities 31 kB
Chapter 10 Vector Abatement Plan 25 kB

Vector: Filth Flies 88 kB

Vector: Rats and Mice 69 kB
Chapter 11 Worker Safety & Health 63 kB
Chapter 12 Horse Facility Emergency Action Plans 18 kB
Chapter 13 Biosecurity: Protecting Animal Agriculture
Appendix A Office Contact Information

Clemson Extension Service 13 kB

SC Department of Health & Environmental Control 24 kB

Clemson Livestock Poultry Health 11 kB

Natural Resources Conservation Service 12 kB
Appendix B Glossary 7 kB