CAMM Recertification Presentations

(Under construction.  Target date - Late 2016 - mid-2017.)


The Recertification Presentations provided here will allow certified growers to obtain up to 4 hours of recertification credit on-line during any 5-year certification period.  These presentations will be presented in approximately 30 minute blocks broken into segments, so each section of presentation segments will provide 0.5 hours of credit.  A grower may complete any number of presentations up to a maximum of 8 (which would provide 4 hours of recertification credit).  There is no time limit for these presentations, but if Internet service is interrupted during viewing of a presentation you may have to start again from the beginning.

After completing a presentation the grower will complete a short quiz (5 to 10 questions) and provide their name, address, and CAMM certification number in a form, which is then e-mailed to Bryan Smith, CAMM Program Chair.  The grower will then mail a check for the appropriate amount ($15.00 per hour completed) made out to Laurens County Extension Fund to:

Bryan Smith
Clemson Extension
219 W Laurens Street
Laurens, SC  29360

Credit for the presentation(s) will be entered into the CAMM database after the completion e-mail and the payment are both received.  A letter will then be mailed to the grower, confirming receipt and noting their total number of recertification hours at that point.

Utilization of this on-line option is strictly voluntary - any grower may obtain all 10 hours of their recertification credit by attending local recertification trainings if they desire.