CAMM Recertification Presentations

(Under construction.  Target date - March/April 2011.)


The Recertification Presentations provided here will allow certified growers to obtain up to 4 hours of recertification credit on-line during any 5-year certification period.  These presentations are presented in approximately 30 minute blocks, so each presentation will provide 0.5 hours of credit.  Some presentations are separated into two or three sections due to the amount of information involved - we highly recommend that the grower complete all sections of a given subject.  A grower may complete any number of presentations up to a maximum of 8 (which would provide 4 hours of recertification credit).  There is no time limit for these presentations, but if Internet service is interrupted during viewing of a presentation you will have to start again from the beginning.

After completing a presentation the grower will complete a short quiz (5 to 10 questions) and provide their name, address, and CAMM certification number in a form, which is then e-mailed to Bryan Smith, CAMM Program Chair.  The grower will then mail a check for the appropriate amount ($15.00 per hour completed) made out to Laurens County Extension Fund to:

Bryan Smith
Clemson Extension
219 W Laurens Street
Laurens, SC  29360

Credit for the presentation(s) will be entered into the CAMM database after the completion e-mail and the payment are both received.  A letter will then be mailed to the grower, confirming receipt and noting their total number of recertification hours at that point.

Utilization of this on-line option is strictly voluntary - any grower may obtain all 10 hours of their recertification credit by attending local recertification trainings if they desire.