Beef Cattle Education & Programs

  • Extension works with livestock producers to help them improve efficiency of production and increase total farm income. It is important to focus on food quality, animal welfare and being good stewards of the environment.
  • Extension helps producers to focus on product evaluation, assists with performance testing, records and management, improving marketing, control of parasites, and using proper management skills and techniques. Information is distributed through a number of techniques such as newsletters, production meetings, workshops and individual farm visits. 
  • Extension assists producers in forming producer organizations and serves in an advisory capacity to many agencies and organizations.

Livestock Biosecurity Information
Web pages and brochures put together to address biosecurity concerns.

Cattlemen’s Boot Camp Monday & Tuesday, June 3-4, 2013

Where: Clemson University, Clemson, SC Poole Ag Center, unless otherwise noted
Who: Academic and industry professionals presenting timely information to purebred and commercial cattle producers.
Registration Deadline: May 20, 2013 Walk-in registrations are not allowed.
Registration Fee: $75 per person, includes three meals and materials
Hotel Block: The James F. Martin Inn offers a University Rate of $99 plus taxes, which includes a continental breakfast. Call 888-654-9020 and use Group Folio #10905 to get the rate.

Download the complete schedule (PDF)

Clemson Bull Testing Program


Clemson Bull Test

The Clemson Bull Test (CUBT) is located at the Clemson Beef Cattle Farm on the Simpson Experiment Station near Pendleton, SC.  It is a 112-days feedlot test feeding a commodity byproduct-based bull test ration. 

Clemson Heifer Sale

The Clemson Heifer Sale is held following the Clemson Bull Test Sale at Garrison Livestock Arena – Cattle Complex near Clemson, SC on the first Saturday of February each year.  These performance-tested, bred and open, yearling heifers consigned by SC cattlemen must meet minimum health and sale weight requirements.

Edisto Forage Bull Test

The Edisto Forage Bull Test (EFBT) located at the Edisto Research & Education Center near Blackville, SC is a unique approach to central gain testing bulls.  It is a 168-days pasture-based test with limit-feeding of a commodity byproduct-based test ration at 1% of body weight.  EFBT was developed, built and started in 1982 with the commercial cow-calf producer in mind.  It utilizes the Southeast’s advantage in the cattle business which is the ability to grow high quality, lush forages year-round.  EFBT was designed to performance test bulls in an environment in which bull buyers expect their progeny to perform.

South Carolina Jr. Beef Roundup

SC Junior Roundup participants showing heifersThe South Carolina Jr. Beef Round-Up is usually held the first weekend of August each year at Clemson University's T. Ed Garrison Livestock Arena near Clemson, SC. Clemson University's Cooperative Extension Service organizes and coordinates this weekend of beef cattle activities for 4-H/FFA members and their families. In addition to the great camaraderie, there are many opportunities for junior cattlemen to win college scholarships, savings bonds, livestock supplies and show equipment. Some of the events include Sales Talk Contest, Jr. Cattlemen's Contest, Showmanship Contest, Breed Shows, and SC Beef Ambassador Contest.


Clemson Beef Cattle Information Database

beef cattle

This is an internet information database of Clemson Extension beef cattle publications, information and connections to related internet web sites – such as breed associations, breed sire summaries, AI studs, equipment companies, animal health companies, other universities, USDA and organizations.  It was created for the benefit of cattlemen, extension agents and agricultural professionals.  Over 400 web pages have been published or linked.  All projects listed here are referenced in this database.