Master Wildlifer

Landscape Considerations

Tuesday Evenings : August 5-26, 2014
6:30-8:00PM (Eastern Time)


Master Wildlifer is a course designed for landowners, land managers and wildlife enthusiasts who are interested in integrating wildlife considerations into their current land use and management activities. Course participants will obtain the knowledge and necessary tools to enhance habitat for a variety of species that can be enjoyed by themselves, family, friends and outdoor recreationists. Master Wildlifer incorporates the latest research and management information from the leading experts in the field of wildlife management.

The 2014 program will focus on landscape considerations. Habitat management is a critical component of wildlife management and will be covered in two sessions focusing on native vegetation management and native warm season grasses for wildlife. The other two sessions will discuss issues that may have direct impacts on the wildlife roaming your property. Diseases can be a major influence on wildlife population levels on your property. While there is little a landowner can do to prevent a wildlife disease outbreak, understanding the impacts as it relates to your property and the need to alter management strategies due to a disease outbreak is important. Predation of white-tailed deer by coyotes is believed by many to be a major factor contributing to declines in local deer populations across the eastern United States. The coyote session will discuss history, biology and current research on landscape impacts of control of coyotes.


Date Topic Speaker
August 5th Native Vegetation Management Mr. Ron Fleming, Wings and Antlers Wildlife Services, Pendleton, SC
August 12th Coyote Considerations in Landscape Management Dr. John C. Kilgo, Research Wildlife Biologist, USDA Forest Service
August 19th Wildlife Diseases: Current Issues and Future Threats Dr. Mike Mengak, Professor, University of Georgia
August 26th Native Warm Season Grasses for Wildlife Mr. TJ Savereno, Extension Associate & Wildlife Biologist, Clemson University


This program has been approved for 6 hours CFE (Category 1) credits for all 4 sessions.


The Master Wildlifer 2014: Landscape Considerations program will be broadcast over the internet. You can watch the program from the comfort of your home! The program will also be recorded so if you have to miss a session, no problem, just watch the recorded session later at your convenience. If you would like to test your computer to ensure browser and Flash player compatibility as well as bandwidth availability prior to registering for the program, click here. We do recommend that you have a landline connection as opposed to wireless connection as the broadcasting of the audio and video may cause problems for wireless connections. You will receive an email with instructions for connecting to the program approximately one week prior to the start of the program.


The cost for the Master Wildlifer 2014: Landscape Considerations program will be $110 if received by July 22nd, 2014. After July 22nd, 2014 the program will be $125. To register, click here.

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