Timber Taxation for Landowners


The greatest burden a landowner faces is taxation. However, landowners can use knowledge of the tax law to ease that burden. The tax laws governing timber are complex, intricate and sometimes ambiguous, making planning difficult. In order to allow landowners to be able to better communicate with their tax professionals and forester, a DVD is being offered that will educate landowners on overall tax strategies, nuances of the law, and long-term goals and objectives.

TIMBER TAXATION, authored by renowned timber taxation specialist, Dr. Harry L. Haney, Jr., is available on DVD through the Clemson University Department of Forestry and Natural Resources for only $49.00. Dr. Haney and Dr. Tamara Cushing present this information on a 4 DVD set that also includes copies of the slides used in the presentation and the course notes for Timber and the Federal Income Tax.



To order a copy online of Timber Taxation, click here. For an order form, click here. You may also order over the phone by contacting Susan Guynn at 864-656-0606.



Disc 1
    Chapter 1    Federal Income Tax Process

Disc 2
    Chapter 2    Capital Expenditures
    Chapter 3    Capital Expenditure Recovery
    Chapter 4    Forestry Operating, Management and Protection Expenses

Disc 3
    Chapter 4    Forestry Operating, Management and Protection Expenses – CONTINUED
                                (Begins with Passive Activity Loss Rules)
    Chapter 5    Timber Sale Income
    Chapter 6    Forestry Cost-share Payments
    Chapter 7    Income Leveling Strategies
    Chapter 8    Forms of Ownership
    Chapter 9    Like-Kind Exchanges
    Chapter 10  Casualty Losses and Involuntary Conversions

Disc 4
    Chapter 11    Christmas Trees
    Chapter 12    Tax Implications of Employment Status
    Chapter 13    Timber Aspects of Social Security Tax
    Chapter 14    Tax Effects on Investment Returns
    Chapter 15    State Income Taxes
    Chapter 16    Court Decisions and IRS Rulings