Why you might want... Your Next Christmas Tree to be a Virginia Pine

Forestry Leaflet 16
Revised December 1998

ornament for virginia pine tree as a christmas treeA Christmas tree engages our senses of sight, touch, and smell as well as our senses of family, spirit, and tradition.

But not all Christmas trees are alike. Each type of tree has its own set of characteristics. Virginia Pine is a tree that will last longer than most other trees and allows you to extend the time you can display it. It has a strong top that is straight and uniform, and the strong limbs will support heavy ornaments such as homemade, close up needles of virginia pinecrafted Christmas tree ornaments. These trees have natural cones that are decorative in themselves. The needles have a unique artistic flair with their twisted appearance, making them different from other types of trees. These trees also have a small base stem that is easy to put in a stand and also serves as a "handle" for carrying.

Virginia Pine has a clean, pleasant pine scent and a dark green color. Needle retention is excellent, a definite advantage over other trees. This saves on cleanup while the tree is displayed in the home and during removal.

Christmas treefarmVirginia Pine trees can be cut one or two days prior to shipping to a tree lot. They are economical and are locally grown. This allows the buyer to have a fresh tree. Trees shipped from other states are often cut for weeks when they arrive on the tree lot, and they are not fresh. Wholesalers like the freshness feature. Satisfied customers who have bought a fresh, long-lasting tree become return customers for future seasons.

Virginia Pine trees are grown on tree farms specifically for use as Christmas trees, so they are renewable, and can be replaced without the loss of natural resources.


George Kessler, Extension Forester

Department of Forest Resources