Clemson's Arboriculture & Community Forestry

Interest, programs, and activities in arboriculture and urban forestry have been growing steadily at Clemson during recent years.  That growth has been triggered by increased public interest in the urban environment, an inviting job market for graduates, and faculty members with the interest and desire to address important, timely interests of the university clientele.  This web site is dedicated to keeping you abreast of Arboriculture and Urban Forestry activities at Clemson University.

informaiton for commercial producers information for consumers of arborculture and urban tree care information for students on arborculture questions and answers regarding arbiculture

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Poland's Mysterious Crooked Forest
Kay Parris southern magnolia |    Photo by Kevin Parris
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This site's owner and author is Bob Polomski, Ph.D., who has Extension, teaching, and research responsibilities at Clemson University.  As a horticulturist and arborist, Bob has educated commercial and consumer audiences for more than two decades on a wide range of topics in a variety of media that includes radio broadcasts and TV appearances.  He has published his research in scientific journals and authored a variety of commercial-/consumer-oriented articles in print and e-magazines.  Bob was technical editor of 12 gardening books and a contributing writer for two national books.  He published three regional gardening books for Cool Springs Press.   Read Bob's full staff profile >>