Peach Picks for South Carolina - Season Wrap-up


Hey, I'm Desmond Layne, Peach Specialist at Clemson University.  Welcome to the Clemson Tiger Peach Network.

Welcome back to "Everything About Peaches".  It's September 9, 2011 and I'm here at James Cooley's farm in Chesnee, South Carolina where we have our peach variety test block.  We're about to wrap up the season for 2011.  It has been a fantastic season.  We've had great fruit and its been a wonderful time working together out here in the peach orchard.

Des and Andy Rollins (Upstate Fruit Agent) Discussion:

You know looking at these big beautiful peaches, we're here at the end of the peach season, its going to be awhile before we have tree-ripened peaches again!  Why don't we just enjoy this moment, shall we?  Let's do it!  Mmmmm!  Mmmmm!  Now that is a nice peach.  It sure is sweet.  And its pretty juicy.  It melts in your mouth.  If I was to eat some more of it, it would be dripping off my elbows.  That's what you're looking for.  

You know, Andy, 2011 has been quite a peach year, hasn't it?  It really has, Des.  It was a lot of fun, a lot of good stuff learned.  What was the classic moment for you as think back on all of our evaluation work that we did and the videos that we made?   Was there anything that sort of stood out for you as just being something different and cool and interesting?  Well, there was one point, Des, in one of the videos that we had shot, "The Perfect Peach - Part 2".   Yes.  My little boy, Phillip, I showed it to him.  In that particular scene, Daniel and I are being shot by Jango Fett.  Yup, I remember that.  We're falling to the ground and the peaches are going everywhere and my little boy couldn't understand why his dad is dying and being shot.  I had to explain it to him but he understood.  He loves it now and my other children - they loved it to.  Its been a lot of fun this year.  Its been great.  I've really had a good time doing it.  Its been quite a sacrifice hasn't it?  It has!  It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it!  There you go!  Alright man!

Why don't you join us next season when we'll have a whole new series of educational videos about peaches?!    We have made a commitment for "The Perfect Peach - Part 3".  It's the third part of our trilogy.  I was thinking, Andy, how about you being "Captain America"?  As long as it's got to do with peaches, Des, I'm all in!  Alright man!  Hey, we'll see you next season.

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