DIAZINON is the most widely used pesticide by homeowners on lawns, and is one of the most widely used pesticide ingredients for application around the home and in gardens. It is used to control insects and grubs. The agreement between EPA and diazinon manufacturers (5 December 2000), Syngenta and Makhteshim Agan, will eliminate 75 percent of the use which amounts to more than 1 million pounds of the pesticide used annually. Diazinon's use on turf poses a risk to birds, and it is one of the most commonly found pesticides in air, rain, and drinking and surface water.

EPA is taking this action under the Food Quality Protection Act. EPA has targeted a large group of older pesticides called organophosphates for review because it feels they pose the greatest potential risk to children.

In August of 1999, for example, EPA announced action against methyl parathion and azinphos methyl to protect children from pesticide residues in food. Agency reached an agreement to halt by December 2000 the manufacture of chlorpyrifos, or Dursban, for nearly all residential uses.

Diazinon, used in homes, and on lawns and gardens, is the latest organophosphate to be phased out. Specifically, the terms of the agreement implement the following phase-out schedules:

  • For the indoor household use, the registration will be canceled on March 2001, and all retail sales will stop by December 2002.
  • For all lawn, garden and turf uses, manufacturing stops in June 2003; all sales and distribution to retailers ends in August 2003. Further, the company will implement a product recovery program in 2004 to complete the phase out of the product.
  • Additionally, as part of the phase out, for all lawn, garden, and turf uses, the agreement ratchets down the manufacturing amounts. Specifically, for 2002, there will be a 25 percent decrease in production; and for 2003, there will be a 50 percent decrease in production.
  • Also, the agreement begins the process to cancel around 20 different uses on food crops.
It is legal to purchase and use diazinon products according to label directions and precautions. Consumers should take special care to always read and follow the label directions and precautions. If consumers choose to discontinue use, they should follow the pesticide label information on proper disposal.

The following PDF documents may be of interest to you:

Lawn, Garden & Turf uses of Diazinon [ March 2004]

  1. Last day retailers can sell diazinon is December 31, 2004.
  2. Syngenta and Makhteshim will buy back all remaining inventory from retailers after December 31, 2004. [Unopened retailer held products]
  3. Marketers have agreed to stop selling product as soon as their packaging supplies are depleted.
  4. Manufacturers are recalling all obsolete formulator inventories effective March, 2004.
  5. Only 56% of retailers sold diazinon in 2003 compared to the year 2000.
  6. Very little inventory remains in the big retailers, such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart.
  7. All remaining inventory not sold by retailers will be incinerated.
  8. End-use products in the hands of consumers do not have to be returned to the dealer/retailer. They can be used up according to the label.
  9. Questions, contact Syngenta at 1-800-334-9481.

DO NOT put Diazinon products into toilets, sinks or sewers!

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