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Virtual Rain Garden

The Clemson Extension Virtual Rain Garden offers a step-by-step tutorial for rain garden design, construction and maintenance. The Virtual Rain Garden should be used when constructing residential-scale or "pocket" rain gardens. These are small rain gardens that can assist with erosion and flooding issues, as well as reduce stormwater runoff and protect downstream water quality. 

The following short videos can be watched in order or stand-alone based on your preference. 

Video Listing

  1. Introduction to the Virtual Rain Garden
  2. Siting: Location of Your Rain Garden
  3. Siting II: Getting Water to Your Rain Garden
  4. Getting to Know Your Soil: Percolation Test
  5. Getting to Know Your Soil II: Ribbon Test
  6. Getting to Know Your Soil III: Jar Test
  7. Sizing: Measuring Your Rainwater Catchment Area
  8. Sizing II: Sizing Your Rain Garden
  9. Shaping: Creating A Functioning Rain Garden with Shape
  10. Shaping II: Creating Flow
  11. Amending Soils: Soil Mix for Rain Gardens
  12. Plants: Selecting Plants for My Rain Garden
  13. Design 101: Creating an Attractive Landscape Feature
  14. Mulch Matters: Selecting Mulch for Rain Gardens
  15. Water Wise: Rainwater Harvesting and Rain Gardens
  16. Maintenance: Maintaining a Functional and Beautiful Rain Garden
  17. Carolina Rain Garden Initiative: Showcasing My Rain Garden