Tobacco Team

Dr. Bruce A. Fortnum

Dr. Bruce Fortnum

Professor of Plant Pathology and Physiology. Responsible for research and Extension efforts related to tobacco diseases. Areas of emphasis include: nematodes, bacterial wilt, and greenhouse diseases.



Dr. Dewitt T. Gooden in tobacco field

Dr. Dewitt Gooden

Professor of Crop and Soil Environmental Science. Coordinator of Tobacco Team. Primarily responsible for Extension Education in the agronomic area of tobacco production. Research efforts focus primarily on cropping systems, pest management, and general tobacco production.



Dr. Albert Johnson

Professor of Entomology, retired. Research includes host-plant resistance and development of insect-resistant tobacco cultivars, insecticide screening, and insect management.



Dr. Francis Reay-Jones in field

Dr. Francis Reay-Jones

Assistant Professor of Entomology. Responsible for integrated pest management programs for row crops including tobacco.



Technical Staff

All technical staff are located at:
Pee Dee Research and Education Center
2200 Pocket Road
Florence, SC 29506-9706
Phone: (843) 662-3526  FAX: (843) 661-5676.

Jim Cottingham (ext. 335)
Lanair Johnson (ext. 332)
Mark Pullen (ext. 150)
Glen Carnell (ext. 349)
William Griggs (ext. 349)