Sucker Control

In modern flue-cured tobacco production, it is often necessary to control suckers 10-12 weeks, which is longer control than expected with MH (maleic hydrazide). Prime+ or Flupro, when combined with the proper use of contacts and MH, offer good season-long control of tobacco suckers.

Sucker control is necessary for high yields, good quality, reduced hand labor, and efficient use of harvesting equipment. With the chemicals and equipment available today, it is difficult to obtain 100 percent sucker control; however, good management techniques will result in reduced production costs through reduced hand suckering labor. It is important to keep the MH residue as low as possible to protect our markets. Growers are using new sucker control programs that offer excellent late-season sucker control while keeping MH residues to a minimum. A good sucker control program must utilize CONTACTS, LOCAL SYSTEMICS, and MH, for best results. See the Growers' Guide for a step-by-step sucker control program.