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Tree Farm Contact Information

Any mail-in correspondence should be addressed to:

South Carolina Tree Farm Committee
P. O. Box 211173
Columbia, SC  29221

Tree farmers sometimes have address changes or changes in their phone numbers. Click here to give us any changes you may have. This will help us stay in touch with you.

If you would like to receive more information, please fill the Information Request Form.


Randall Ewing, Sr.
(843) 383-7385

Vice Chair

Robert Franklin
(843) 893-7775

Past Chair

Ken Leach
(843) 520-5657


Scott Phillips
Forestry Comm. Rep
SC Forestry Commission
(803) 896-8844 (O)
(803) 667-1067 (C)
(803) 896-8899 (F)

Co-Sponsor Representatives

Scott Phillips
Forestry Commission Representative
South Carolina Forestry Commission
(803) 896-8844 (O)
(803) 667-1067 (C)
(803) 896-8899 (F)

Frances Taylor
South Carolina Forestry Association
(803) 798-4170 (O)