Landowner Resources

Association of Consulting Foresters (ACF)
The mission of the Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc., is to advance the practice of professional consulting forestry; to establish and maintain high ethical standards for its members; to improve the competency of and provide a forum for its members; and to promote and encourage stewardship of the forest resource.

Clemson University's Forestry Program
Forestry is a program within the School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences at Clemson University. The program has approximately 73 undergraduate and 39 graduate students in forest resource management.

Clemson University Forestry Extension
Clemson Extension provides information to the public through their website, workshops, webinars and publications. 

National Timber Tax Website
This website could be used by timberland owners, as well as a reference source for accountants, attorneys, consulting foresters and other professionals who work with timberland owners by answering specific questions regarding the tax treatment of timber.

Southern Regional Extension Forestry
This site provides links to the websites of all the southeastern states participating.

Forestry Index Website
This website is a search portal to help landowners find any specific information. You can select a category or choose from a list of different topics and search for the information you need.

South Carolina Forestry Association
A private, non-profit organization of individuals and companies dedicated to forest conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources.

South Carolina Forestry Commission
The mission of the South Carolina Forestry Commission is to protect, promote, enhance, and nurture the forest lands of South Carolina in a manner consistent with achieving the greatest good for its citizens.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Their mission is to serve as the principal advocate for and steward of South Carolina’s natural resources.

South Carolina Natural Resources Conservation Service
The Natural Resources Conservation Service provides leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment.

South Carolina Soil and Water Conservation Districts
Provides contact information for the commissioners and staff of South Carolina's Soil and Water Conservation Department.

South Carolina Forestry Commission Project Learning Tree
Project Learning Tree (PLT) is an award-winning international environmental education program designed for teachers and informal educators who work with students from pre-kindergarten through high school.

Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.
The mission of the association is to be the Advocate for the Forest Owner and to keep its members well informed on all things related to forest ownership. Anyone who owns forestland, who struggles with the problems and enjoys the benefits of owning forestland, is a potential member. This website contains monthly news conferences.