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Board of Trustees

Chapter I – Purpose of the Manual

The purpose of this Manual is to define the precise role of the governing board of Clemson University and thereby ensure the effectiveness of the Board of Trustees in carrying out its governing responsibility. The Manual defines the role of the Board of Trustees, provides for effective governing control over the University, describes the operations of the Board of Trustees, defines the internal structure of the Board of Trustees and provides a mechanism for maintaining an effective working relationship between the Board of Trustees and the President of the University

This manual as revised in July 2018 supersedes all previous revisions. From time to time the Executive Secretary of the Board may make changes to update this Manual on non-substantive items not requiring Board approval. However, those matters requiring Board action may only be amended by an affirmative vote of nine (9) members of the Board of Trustees as provided for in Chapter V.

The Clemson University Board of Trustees Manual will be reviewed every three (3) years by a committee of Trustees appointed by the Chair and on a case-by-case basis as determined by the chair.

July 2018

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