2015 SC 4-H Small Garden Project

     This is the third year for the SC 4-H Small Garden Project. SC 4-H Is pleased to announce that the SC Master Gardener Program will again sponsor this project and provide awards for Regional and State winners.


     The purpose of the Small Garden Project is to educate the youth of South Carolina on where and how their food is grown, all with hands on, in the garden experiences.


     In addition to preparing, planting, maintaining, and harvesting a minimum 100 square foot garden with at least 3 crops, youth will be required to upkeep and return a project record book. There are 2 record books based on ages: Cloverbuds (ages 5-8) and Juniors and Seniors (ages 9-19). Books are divided into sections based on project timing and topic: preparing, planting, maintaining, and harvesting. Youth will also be required to keep up with financial expenses and any income generated from the garden, write a short story, record precipitation amounts, sketch a map of the garden, and document the project in photos.


     Youth should expect at least one site visit from the Extension Agent or someone on their behalf. This visit will be for judging purposes and the participant is encouraged to be present. Visits will be scheduled by the Agent. The score sheet from this site visit, in addition to the completed record book, will be used in judging these projects on the county level. The top Junior and top Senior record books from each county will be sent to the regional level for judging. From there, top Junior and top Senior will progress to the state level, where one Junior and one Senior will be chosen as winners. Awards given to regional and state winners will be sponsored by the SC Master Gardener Program.

     SC 4-H wishes everyone the best of luck during this year's gardening season! Should you have any questions throughout this project please do not hesitate to contact your county Extension Office.

Forms and documents for this project:

Helpful Links:

For Agents overseeing this project in each county:

  • The project registration fee should be deposited into your county 4-H account. This money is used to cover project expenses such as printing record books, purchasing 1 seed packet or seedling for each participant, and to provide any other resources you see fit (rain gauge, printed resources from HGIC, etc.)
  • The completed project contract should be scanned and email to Alana West, awillin@clemson.edu, or mailed to PO 160 Newberry SC 29108.
  • Throughout the project, all project participants and respective agents will be sent newsletters and other project updates and resources from the project headquarters. These resources can be found on this website as well.
  • Agents with participating youth are asked to schedule and facilitate the judging site visit. This should be done prior to the end of the project in August.
  • Upon completion of this project, agents with participating youth are responsible for getting the record books judged on the county level. Winning junior and senior books from each county, as well as the score sheets from the county level, will move on to the regional level where they will be judged by the SC 4-H Natural Resources Committee or someone on their behalf. Winning junior and senior record books on the regional level will move on to the state level for judging. Please utilize Master Gardeners for help with judging if need be. SC Master Gardeners will supply the awards on the Regional and State Levels. County Agents are responsible for awards on the county level.
  • For questions please contact Alana West at awillin@clemson.edu or 803-276-1091 x111.