Newberry County 4-H Shotgun Team

Who We Are:  

  • Cloverleafs - ages 10-12
  • Juniors       - ages 13-14
  • Seniors      - ages 15-18  
  • Coaches     - Ben Blanton (, and Stanley and Paula Mills (

What We Are About: 

  • Firearm safety instruction
  • Earning NRA qualifications in the shotgun program
  • Advance shooting instruction through the SC 4-H Program
  • Sharing accomplishments
  • Assisting coaches
  • Reasonable costs
  • Competitive opportunities

When We Meet:

  • Saturday mornings during the season

Where We Meet:

  • 1822 Morningside Drive Newberry SC 29108


  • Safety Rules:
  1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  3. Always keep the fun unloaded until ready to shoot.
  • Range Rules:
  1. "Cease Fire" may be shouted by anyone for a safety issue.
  2. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for everyone on the range.
  3. Misfires must be flagged and cleared in position on the range.
  4. Cleaning hands and face after a shooting session is mandatory.
  • Preparation Order:
  1. Always identify the range safety officer (orange hat).
  2. Prepare target area (set targets or throw sighting clays). 
  3. Prepare firearms for shooting (use safe handling protocol).
  4. Place firearms at shooting stations (use safe handling protocol).
  5. Set up ammunition table (adult supervised until stored).
  6. Begin live fire exercise.   
  • Exercise Order:
  1. Call - shooters to the line (behind shooting stations).
  2. Call - shooters in position (all  muzzles must be in a line).
  3. Call - remove open chamber indicator (flag).
  4. Call - load first round.
  5. Call - ready on the line (primary station may then call for a clay [pull], secondary may fire after first, tertiary may only track. Course of fire is only 5 shots, then rotate).
  6. Call - cease fire (when a course of fire is complete).
  7. Call - open chamber, remove round if loaded, insert open chamber indicator, ground firearms, shooters off the line.
  8. Retrieve targets and set new, or end session (absolutely no handling of firearms when anyone is forward of the shooting line).
  • Clean Up Order:
  1. All ammunition is gathered and stored.
  2. Firearms are gathered and stored.
  3. Targets and equipment is gathered and stored.
  4. Police the area for brass, waterborne, targets, and trash. Pack it out. 


November 2 Practice
November 9 Practice
November 16 4-H Skeet (100 clays) Mid-Carolina Gun Club
November 23 SCYSF Trap (100 free clays) Spartanburg Gun Club
December 14 SCYSF Sporting Clays Rocky Creek Sporting Clays (optional)
December 14 SCYSF Sporting Clays Rocky Creek Sporting Clays (optional)
January 4 Practice
January 11 SCYSF Target Skeet (100 free targets) Mid-Carolina Gun Club
January 18 SCYSF Sporting Clays Live Oaks Sportsman's Club
February 1 4-H Trap (100 clays) Partridge Creek Gun Club
February 8 4-H Sporting Clays Mid-Carolina Gun Club (optional)
February 22 SCYSF Sporting Clays (100 clays) Clinton House
March 8 Practice
SC 4-H Shooting Sports Tournament Live Oaks Sportsman's Club
March 15 Practice
March 22 SCYSF Sporting Clays (100 clays) Back Woods Quail Club
March 29 Practice
April 5 SCYSF Skeet/Trap(50/50 clay, free targets and ammo)
SCISA State Championship
Mid-Carolina Gun Club
April 12 Practice
April 19 Practice
April 26 SCYSF Sporting Clays (100 clays) Hermitage Farms
May 3 Practice
May 10 SCYSF Sporting Clays
SCISA State Championship
Rocky Creek Gun Club
May 17 Practice
May 24 4-H Sporting Clays Chaampionship Rocky Knoll
May 31 Practice
June 7 Practice
June 14 4-H Skeet/Trap Championship Mid-Carolina Gun Club