IPM for Shrubs in Southeastern US Nursery Production

Electronic copies of individual chapters of IPM for Shrubs in Southeastern U.S. Nursery Production: Volume I are available for download. 

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Cover of IPM for Select Deciduous Trees in Southeastern US Nursery Production.  Stylized allee of old Oak trees.

The book is broken into chapters to make the download process quicker.  Print quality files are available upon request.  PDF files are compatible with Acrobat Reader 10.0 and later.  If you need this free PDF reader please visit http://get.adobe.com/reader/ for a free download.


Front Matter (633 KB)

Chapter 1 cover image Chapter 1: Abelia - Abelia spp (796 KB)
Chapter 2 cover image Chapter 2: Camellia - Camellia spp. (1.3 MB)
Chapter 3 cover image Chapter 3: Shrub Roses - Rosa spp. (1.2 MB)
Chapter 4 cover image Chapter 4: Blueberry - Vaccinium spp. (2.7 MB)
Chapter 5 cover image Chapter 5: Viburnum - Viburnum spp. (1.6 MB)
Chapter 6 cover image

Chapter 6: Weed Management in Shrub Production (925 KB)

Glossary of Terms (528 KB)