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Managing Your Land:
Natural Resources Opportunities for Landowners

A Master Tree Farmer/Master Wildlifer Series for the Southern U.S.
October 11 - November 8, 2012
An Internet Broadcast

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The Natural Resources Opportunities for Landowners series allows you to register for all 5 sessions or you can choose which sessions best meet your needs.

  • All 5 Sesssions - $100
  • Individual Sessions - $25 per session



Session 1 - October 11, 2012: Introduction to Natural Resource Conservation - Presented by Dr. Patrick McMillan, Host of ETV's Expeditions

•    Definition of natural resources
•    Examples of natural resources
•    History of natural resource conservation and management
•    Factors that have shaped the natural resource landscape that we see today
•    Evolution of a natural resources conservation ethic
•    Physiographical regions of the South and natural resource communities
•    The North American model of natural resource conservation
•     Natural resource management in a changing environmental, economic and social era of the next 4 sessions
•    Where to get more information

Session 2 - October 18, 2012: Natural Resource Enterprise Considerations for Your Land - Dr. Daryl Jones, Mississippi State University

•    Definition of a natural resource enterprise
•    Examples of natural resource enterprises (fee hunting, fee fishing, horse trail riding, wildlife watching, forestry/agritourism, bed and breakfast, others)
•    Revenue potential for natural resource enterprises
•    Developing a natural resource enterprise
•    Development of a business plan
•    Liability and legal concerns
•    Case study examples
•    Available resources
•    Scheduled NRE workshops and courses 

 Session 3 - October 25, 2012: Wildlife Conservation on Your Land - Dr. Don Reed, Louisiana State University and Dr. Greg Yarrow, Clemson University

•    Definition of wildlife and wildlife conservation/management
•    Brief history of wildlife conservation in the South
•    Wildlife requirements
•    Habitat management
•    Population management
•    Defining wildlife management goals
•    Wildlife management planning
•    Available resources
•    Habitat resiliency in the face of climate change
•    Where to go for more information and assistance
•    Brief mention of topics to be covered in Master Wildlifer series in Spring 2013 for more in-depth information on wildlife management  

Session 4 - November 1, 2012: Forest Management on Your Land - Dr. Tammy Cushing, Clemson University and Dr. Jeff Stringer, University of Kentucky

•    Definition of forest and forest management
•    Brief history of forest management in the South
•    Defining forest management goals
•    Managing for timber revenue
•    Pine forest management
•    Hardwood forest management
•    Mixed pine-hardwood management
•    Forest management planning
•    Considerations of owning property (how to find, property taxes, general costs, cost-sharing opportunities, and where to find help)
•    Available resources
•    Brief mention of topics to be covered in Master Tree Farmer series in Spring 2013 for more in-depth information on forest management

Session 5 - November 8, 2012: Natural Resource Appreciative Values and Uses on Your Land - Dr. Karen Hall, Clemson University and Ms. Amy Rager, Minnesota Master Naturalist State Coordinator

•    Definition of natural resource appreciative values
•    Defining natural resource appreciative value goals
•    Overview of select case studies and projects
•    Available resources
•    Overview of the Master Naturalist Programs and program coordinators in the South conservation/management


Upon registration, you will receive a password to the official Natural Resources Opportunities for Landowners website to download program materials and other helpful information for managing your land.

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