Variety Selection

The choice of variety should be based on the needs of each field and the total production system being used. No single variety is best for all growers. A variety may perform well with one grower, but prove unsatisfactory to a neighbor. The following table shows the percent of acres planted to popular varieties grown in South Carolina.

In selecting a variety, growers are advised to pay attention to disease problems present in a field. Other factors to consider are yield and quality of cured leaf. Relative difference in the quality index may serve as a guide. Ground suckers and handling characteristics are also important considerations. When trying a variety for the first time, plant a limited acreage. Experience is still the best indication of variety suitability for each grower. New varieties may be released after the date for printing this publication. Contact your local Extension agent for updated information.

Growers may choose to select two or more varieties with varying maturities to help extend harvest for better utilization of curing barns.