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At the Clemson Writing Lab, we support writers in various genres of writing ( ex. papers, lab reports, applications, etc.) through constructive and motivating feedback. We strive to provide writers with the most thorough and helpful feedback possible, from helping a writer to restructure a work’s central argument to supporting a writer in revising grammatical concerns.

We aim to create a relaxing and respectful atmosphere. We know that writing can be stressful! We take the time to relate to our clients, making sure we understand their goals, objectives, and the topics about which they write. Our Writing Fellows and Graduate Writing Consultants also discuss writing skills and techniques with writers, offering advice that they can utilize after the appointment.

We encourage every client to provide feedback for our work. Feedback forms are anonymous and voluntary. Below are some anonymous testimonials from some of our clients.


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Listen to what others have said about the Writing Lab!

It is a joy to learn from _____. Her experience in writing is evident in the way she provides excellent feedback. She is encouraging, kind, detail-oriented, and very enthusiastic about what she does!

Really great resource! Provides phenomenal help and expertise for those who need assistance in their writing!

Have every professor advise and promote the Writing Lab to students in particular.
His comments were informative, yet kept a positive tone even when making suggestions on things to change. I was very appreciative of his help in correcting some of my grammatical errors.
I found it very helpful to get another eye to look over my paper. She caught things that I would never notice.
I think she was very good and gave great feedback both positive and negative. But always helpful in a nice way.
I really appreciate everyone I have worked with in the Writing Lab because they have helped me with applications, papers, and lab reports. It gives me that extra confidence that I am getting the ideas across to the application reviewers/graders!
I was really nervous, but after sitting down and going over my work I felt really comfortable and confident enough to ask questions.
I was afraid to reach out to someone new because I feared that I was not going to have that strong bond I had with my previous tutor at another institute. I am glad that I took this risk because I had a very successful appointment.
My experience with the Writing Lab has always been positive, but this was the best session yet. Her comments led to creating a stronger paper and provided tips to improve my writing skills. Thank you!
_______was extremely helpful and honest about helping me better organize my paper. She helped me to bring my paper together and made sure I was staying on topic. I will book an appointment with her again in the future.
The Writing Lab
The Writing Lab | 301 Cooper Library, Clemson, S.C. 29634