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Face-to-Face Appointments


All writers benefit from invested readers who provide feedback, ask questions, serve as sounding boards, and offer motivation and encouragement throughout the writing process. The Clemson Writing Lab provides individual consultations with trained peer consultants who will coach and guide you as you write.

You can make appointments for consultations at any stage of the writing process--when you haven't yet started writing, are trying to polish a final draft, or are somewhere in-between. We ask that you make the suggested revisions before scheduling another appointment time. 

Our Face-to-Face (F2F) Appointments take place in the Writing Lab, located on the third floor of Cooper Library. 

We do not not offer line-by-line corrections. 

Undergraduate | Graduate
30-minute and 1-hour appointments available

Benefits of F2F Appointments

  • Personalized Attention: In face-to-face appointments, you have the opportunity to have a direct conversation with a writing consultant. They will listen to your concerns, provide individualized feedback, and help you develop effective strategies to improve your writing.

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Face-to-face appointments foster real-time collaboration between you and the writing consultant. This allows for immediate feedback, clarification, and discussion of ideas, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your writing strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Interactive Writing Support: During face-to-face appointments, the writing consultant can guide you through various aspects of the writing process, such as brainstorming, outlining, revising, and editing. They can help you generate ideas, organize your thoughts, and refine your writing to make it more cohesive, coherent, and effective.

  • Non-Judgmental Environment: Our writing consultants create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can freely express your ideas and concerns. They are here to help you grow as a writer and provide constructive feedback to help you achieve your writing goals.

Preparing for Your Appointment

To make the most of your Face-to-Face Appointment, come prepared with your writing materials, assignment guidelines, and any specific questions or concerns you would like to discuss. This will ensure that the session focuses on your individual needs and allows the writing consultant to provide tailored guidance.

Please note that Face-to-Face Appointments are either 30 minutes or 1 hour in length, so it's important to prioritize the areas you would like to address during the session. Be open to feedback, ask questions, and actively engage in the discussion to maximize the benefits of your appointment.

We look forward to working with you in our Face-to-Face Appointments and helping you develop your writing skills. Together, we can create stronger, more effective written works that reflect your unique voice and ideas.

The Writing Lab
The Writing Lab | 301 Cooper Library, Clemson, S.C. 29634