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Clemson University

Writing Lab

Face-to-Face Appointments


All writers benefit from invested readers who provide feedback, ask questions, serve as sounding boards, and offer motivation and encouragement throughout the writing process. The Clemson Writing Lab provides individual consultations with trained peer consultants who will coach and guide you as you write.

You can make appointments for consultations at any stage of the writing process--when you haven't yet started writing, are trying to polish a final draft, or are somewhere in-between. We ask that you make the suggested revisions before scheduling another appointment time. 

Our Face-to-Face Consultations take place in the Writing Lab, located on the third floor of Cooper Library. 

We do not not offer line-by-line corrections. 

  • Making A Face-to-Face Appointment
    To make an appointment, enter our appointment system by clicking one of the 'Make an Appointment' buttons on our website or go to
    1. Within the appointment system, you will see a drop-down menu at the top of the webpage. Click on that menu to see the options.
    2. Select the current semester.
    3. Appointment boxes are color-coded. White boxes indicate available times. Purple and brown boxes indicate unavailable times. Select a white box at the time that best works with your schedule.
    4. Fill out the form detailing your assignment, where you are in the writing process, and what you would like to work on in that appointment.
    5. Attach your document to your appointment before the appointment start time. Documents should be in .doc or .docx format.
    6. Once you have completed this, click "Save Appointment."
  • Attending Your Face-to-Face Appointment

    If you scheduled a Face-to-Face appointment, verify the location of your appointment. Appointments are held in the Writing Lab, on the third floor of Cooper Library. 

  • Canceling Your Appointment

    Log into our appointment system and open your appointment. (Your appointment will be an orange box.) At the bottom of the pop-up window, you will see an option to cancel your appointment. You may also cancel by emailing us at

    Please cancel your appointment at least 45 minutes in advance. If you have not canceled your appointment within this time frame, it will be considered a missed appointment.

    If you miss more than three scheduled appointments, you will no longer be able to make Clemson Writing Lab appointments online.

The Writing Lab
The Writing Lab | 301 Cooper Library, Clemson, S.C. 29634