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Writing Fellows

A smiling young woman in a white shirt holds up her Clemson ring.


Lead Writing Fellow. [she/her] Charleigh is a fourth-year History major with a minor in Women's Leadership. Fun fact: She can name most Taylor Swift songs within the first 3 or 4 seconds!

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Writing Fellow. Bella is a second-year Political Science major with a minor in Psychology. She loves learning to play new instruments and hiking!

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Writing Fellow. Hannah is a fourth-year Psychology major and English minor. She loves encouraging people. For fun, she paints and writes poetry.

A young man in a white shirt holds up a peace sign in front of a street of buildings.


Writing Fellow. I.K. is a third-year Political Science major. In his free time, he loves traveling and debating about almost everything.

A blonde young woman in a blue shirt smiles at the camera.


Writing Fellow. Kate is a third-year Political Science and Criminal Justice major with a minor in Spanish studies. In her free time, she loves reading, hiking, baking, and going to concerts!

A young woman with brown hair sits in the shade by a concrete wall.


Writing Fellow. Laci is a third-year management major and history minor. She loves to cook, read all kinds of books, and talk about history (especially revolutions).

A blonde young woman with curly hair smiles at the camera.


First Year Writing Fellow. [she/her] Makenzie is a third-year English major with a minor in creative writing. In her free time, she loves listening to music, watching movies, and writing poetry!

A blond young man smiles at the camera.


First Year Writing Fellow. Owen is a second-year History and Economics major. He enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and repairing old electronics.

A young woman wearing a hijab smiles at the camera.


First Year Writing Fellow. [she/her] Sara is a second-year Political Science and Sociology double major. She loves to listen to music, read, and write!

A young woman with brown hair holds a bouquet of flowers.


First Year Writing Fellow. Vivian is a second-year Psychology major who is involved in Air Force ROTC and Greek life. In her free time she enjoys reading, swing dancing, trying new things, and watching movies.

Graduate Writing Consultants


Graduate Writing Consultant. [she/they] Sage is in the second year of her Master’s in English and a Teaching Assistant here at Clemson. She listens to Florence and the Machine in her free time.


Graduate Writing Consultant. MacKenzie is a first-year student in the Master's in English program. She's an avid reader of thriller and horror novels and loves spending time outside.


Graduate Writing Consultant. [she/her] Ruchika is currently pursuing her Masters in Computer Science at Clemson University. She likes reading fiction, coding and writing essays!

Graduate Assistants

A black and white cat sits and stares into the middle distance on a yellow blanket.


Graduate Assistant. Elena is a second-year master's student in English. She likes reading, writing, music, and video games. She loves her cat, Zag.

A young man in a blue suit with a blue and orange tie.


Graduate Assistant. Benjamin graduated from Osun State University, Nigeria, with a bachelor's degree in English and International Studies. He loves to know a bit about everything, and with an insatiable curiosity, he delves into diverse topics. Benjamin is an avid reader and soccer enthusiast. He also finds joy in traveling and expresses himself through writing.

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Zahra (Rose)

Graduate Assistant. [she/her] Zahra (Rose) is interested in Psychology, Science, and exploring nature. She enjoys watching movies in her free time. She is a published author, and she is a music buff.


Chelsea Murdock

Director. [she/her]

Dr. Murdock has a PhD in Composition and Rhetoric from the University of Kansas. She is a Lecturer in the Department of English. She likes karaoke, BTS, and, of course, writing!

Abena smiles at the camera.

Abena Ofori

Assistant Director.

In Memoriam. 1992 - 2023.

Abena would have started her role as Assistant Director at the Writing Lab in Fall 2023. She was studying to earn her masters in English.

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