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For those writers who learn best from written feedback and those that have busy professional schedules, we suggest sending your writing to us online and receiving emailed feedback. A Writing Fellow will read your paper, provide constructive feedback through Word comments, and email you the paper when the appointment time concludes. This does not require you to be online at the time of your appointment. Limited to 8 pages per session.

Think Emailed Feedback is for you? Just decide the specific areas or concerns on which you want feedback; send your questions, assignment, and draft through our online form; and wait for our response. It's that easy.

We do not not offer line-by-line corrections. Consultants are educators, not editors.

Undergraduate | Graduate
45-minute appointments available

Benefits of Emailed Feedback

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Emailed feedback appointments provide flexibility by allowing you to access writing support on your own schedule. You can submit your writing at any time, and the feedback will be returned to you within an agreed-upon timeframe.

  • Detailed Feedback: Emailed feedback appointments offer the advantage of receiving comprehensive and detailed feedback on your writing. The writing consultant has the opportunity to carefully review your work and provide in-depth comments, explanations, and suggestions to help you improve your writing skills.

  • Reference for Future Use: The emailed feedback you receive serves as a valuable reference for future writing projects. You can revisit the feedback and apply the suggestions and strategies provided to enhance your overall writing abilities.

Preparing For Your Emailed Feedback Appointment.

  1. Submitting Your Writing: To request an emailed feedback appointment, you will need to submit your writing document when you schedule your appointment in our appointment system. When you want to make an Emailed Feedback Appointment:

    • Undergraduate students should look for the "Emailed Feedback" schedule in our appointment system.

    • If you are a graduate student, Emailed Feedback Appointments are available within the "Graduate Writing Support" schedule. Look for three white blocks together. Those are typically Emailed Feedback.
  2. Writing Consultant Review: Once your writing document is received, a writing consultant will thoroughly review your work during the scheduled time, paying close attention to areas such as organization, clarity, coherence, grammar, and overall effectiveness. They will provide detailed comments, suggestions, and explanations directly within your document.

  3. Feedback Delivery: The writing consultant will return your document with the feedback and comments embedded within the text or as an attached document. This feedback will be attached and sent through our appointment system. This allows you to review the feedback at your own pace and make revisions accordingly.

  4. Follow-up Questions: If you have any follow-up questions or would like additional clarification on the feedback received, you can communicate with the writing consultant via email. They will be available to address your queries and provide further guidance as needed.

The Writing Lab
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