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Meet the Tutors

Laura Mackay

My name is Laura Mackay, and I’m an English major with a literature emphasis and a minor in music. I joined the writing center because I believe in the power of writing and wanted to help others along the way. Clear and effective communication, combined with the beauty of the written word, is an art that needs to be cultivated. I’m currently interning as a copy editor for an online magazine, which has given me a new appreciation for precision of thought and expression. And, if I had a time machine, I would go back to the 1960s. #fashiongoals

Christopher Heijjer

My name is Christopher Heijjer, and I am a junior biological sciences major. I joined the writing center this fall as a way to learn more about the writing process and to help others develop and appreciate their own writing. I believe that writing well is an asset in any career path. My love for writing has given me the opportunity to explore different domains within science and technology. Currently, I am conducting research and writing a case study for a Clemson professor on sustainable infrastructure. Additionally, I am a contributing writer for Clemson’s science magazine—Tigra Scientifica. I look forward to seeing anyone and everyone in the Writing Center. Lastly, I like to collect weird words. Here are a few of my favorites that I may never get to use in my own writing: avuncular, pandiculation, rupiculous, and akimbo.

Elaine Day

My name is Elaine Day, and I am a senior English and sports communication double major. I joined the writing center in the fall of 2014 after working with the Writing Fellows program for one of my classes and thoroughly enjoying the experience. I think that the ability to effectively communicate ideas through writing is extremely important in every field because it demonstrates one’s ability to think critically and articulate those thoughts. I came to Clemson wanting to pursue sports journalism, so a lot of my writing experience deals with that realm, whether it be writing feature stories for the baseball team and athletic department as a whole or covering high school games for a local newspaper. But the most important part of this bio is the fact that my Harry Potter patronus is a husky.

Kalee Lineberger

My name is Kalee Lineberger, and I am a junior English major. I also have two minors in business and music. I joined the Writing Center this fall because I know from experience that there is always something new to learn about writing. It is an ever-evolving skill, and I am happy to show others what I have learned while others teach me as well. Writing is not only a skill but an art. Words can flow on a page like a brush stroke on a canvas or a theme and its variations in a concert hall. To me, the Writing Center presents a way to do one of my favorite things—to write—while connecting with and learning from people whose interests and experiences span a multitude of knowledge (topics), all of which can be represented by writing.

Kristina Toney

My name is Kristina Toney and I am a senior communication and English (WPS) double major from Summerville, South Carolina. I joined the Writing Center staff as a junior. Writing has always meant so much to me. To me, it affords one the opportunity to explore and learn about both oneself and the world in such an amazing way. For this reason, I jumped at the opportunity to assist my fellow students as they work through the writing process. I also serve as the Editor-in-chief for the Chronicle Arts and Literary Magazine and Loud Rock Director for our student-run radio station, WSBF-FM Clemson. My favorite animals are foxes and penguins. I also enjoy listening to music, reading, watching films with friends, and cycling!

Hannah Welsh

Hello. My name is Hannah Welsh, and I’m a biochemistry major. Joining the writing center was a happenstance to which I credit three things: I received an email explaining what the writing center job was and I found it interesting (I received an email about the writing center job that piqued my interest), I love the written word and talking about literary ideas and I missed doing that in my predominantly science-based coursework, and someone had recently told me that I couldn’t write well, so I felt the need to discredit their claim. Writing well is not some mythical, unobtainable object relegated to the humanities experts-- that’s an idea I think is in many a student’s head. Writing well is nothing more than the ability to put ideas and thoughts into written words that unambiguously translates all that you had in mind for someone else to comprehend. I believe everyone has good ideas, but they are at a disadvantage when they can’t express that in writing. Writing happens to be the currency of evaluating the ideas, and I enjoy helping students cash out their thoughts through writing. I have been involved in research that involved writing an honors grant proposal for research on double-stranded break repair mechanisms in Dr. Sehorn’s lab and received money as a result of submission of written research proposal. My spirit animal is a sand dollar-- because everyone likes to forget that they are animals (but they are).

Selene Hess

My name is Selene Hess and I am a junior microbiology major with a genetics minor. I joined the writing center this past fall because I love helping people in all disciplines achieve confidence in their writing. I also love finding missing commas and grammatical mistakes (It’s almost like a scavenger hunt!). Writing well is important to me because it is an essential mode of communication between parties. You can communicate so many things through writing, from how to change a tire to fantastical people, places, and things. When you are trying to communicate to a grad admissions officer why their program should accept you or to a HR hiring manager why they should give you a job, writing well is especially important. I worked in the writing center at my high school on a volunteer basis. I also am currently working on a research project in microbiology that hopes to publish in a scientific journal soon and worked on an extensive research paper this last summer at an internship in California. If I was sorted into a Hogwarts house, I would be sorted into Hufflepuff. I believe in hard work and dedication and am very loyal to all my friends and family. Also, I’m pretty good at finding things.

Anne Giordano

My name is Anne Giordano and I am a senior English major. I became a writing fellow last fall because I wanted to help students of all majors not only improve their writing but also enjoy the writing process. Writing is the key to expressing yourself, your opinions, and your thought, which is why it is so important to write well. Currently, I am the co-editor of The Tab Clemson, an online media outlet that publishes articles specifically about Clemson news, trends, and other relevant material. Whether it is creative writing or journalism, I love to write, which is why I am enthusiastic about helping other people become more confident in their writing. I am excited to meet and help anyone who comes in our doors this semester. If I could have any superpower, I would choose teleportation because I want to travel, but flying seems like it would get tiring quickly.

Rosey Davis

Hey there! My name is Rosey Davis (will also accept Rosie sp. Because Rosie the Riveter is a boss) and I am a senior communication major and nonprofit leadership minor from Batesburg, South Carolina. I joined the writing center because it seemed like a unique and rewarding way to combine my love of writing with helping others to succeed. Written word is one of the most connective forms of communication for humanity, and it’s the reason we continue to learn about one another and the world in which we live in. I think it is important to understand that everyone is an author and has validity to tell their story in the way they wish. For this reason, my passion for writing has lead me to be the grant writer for Pickens County Habitat for Humanity since Summer 2016 where I have won the organization almost $30,000 so far! Sadly, I do not receive a cut. I’m hoping to be hired on full-time after graduation in May 2017! I look forward to meeting new people in the Writing Center! Also, if I were a donut I would be one of those “Southern” delights with fried chicken and gravy on top because, of course!

Sara Stamatiades

My name is Sara Stamatiades, and I'm a senior English major from Charleston, SC. I joined the Writing Center during Fall 2015 to help "demystify" the writing process for Clemson students and to improve my own work as well. I believe clear, confident writing makes confident writers and thinkers, who can effectively face their jobs, tasks, or creative endeavors. Beyond tutoring in the Writing Center, I have worked as a copy editor at The Tiger, interned at the Clemson University Press, and am currently the Director of Promotions and Events for The Chronicle, Clemson's literary and arts magazine. Clearly, in my various pursuits, writing has maintained a central role. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if I were a doughnut, I would be a Cruller. I have no witty reason; I just really like Crullers.

Grace Greene

My name is Grace Greene, and I am a senior microbiology major with a minor in business administration. Three years ago, I joined the Writing Center to share my love for well-composed arguments with other Clemson students. No matter your major or career plans, clear and concise writing is essential for personal, academic, and professional communication; if you can compose a tweet, you can learn to become a good writer. In the past, I’ve worked on synthetic biology research projects and have served as a staff writer and news editor for The Tiger. I recently completed a year-long full-time internship at Dority & Manning, P.A., an intellectual property law firm, where I spent my days writing, reading, and assisting with patent prosecution. I’m headed to law school next fall, but I’ll always be a Clemson tiger at heart. Finally, if I were a donut, I would be a strawberry sprinkle donut—classic with a hint of color and crunch.

Killian McDonald

My name is Killian McDonald, and I am a junior Political Science and Women’s Leadership double major. I joined the writing center this past fall because I love writing and want to share the writing experience with other Clemson students. It is also a great opportunity to help students become passionate writers and meet new people. Outside of the writing center, I do CI research women and poverty in South Carolina and on the effects of religious expression in public schools. I am also researching/ writing an honors thesis about women in government. I spent the past summer in DC at a lobbying firm and was able to attend the White House Summit on the United State of Women and the DNC. According to Buzzfeed quiz “what type of bread are you” I am a bagel. Super excited for all you cool cats to visit.

Caroline Hensley

My name is Caroline Hensley, and I am currently a senior student pursuing dual degrees in Health Science and English (which is an unusual combination, I know). I have worked in the Writing Center for three years now and love helping other students improve and develop their composition and communication skills; more importantly though, I have so enjoyed watching others grow to appreciate all that the humanities have to offer. I also work as a campus tour guide, direct an organization called Hearts for the Arts, serve on several honor society boards, and am an avid fan of rollerblading and pasta consumption. Come see me in the Writing Center!

Allison Daniel

My name is Allison Daniel. I am a junior English major. I joined the writing center in the fall of my junior year because writing is a passion of mine and I wanted to help other students see that anyone can become a good writer with the right tools and a little guidance. Writing is important to me because I was a shy kid, so writing was largely how I expressed myself to those around me. In addition to working at the Writing Center, I also intern at the Pearce Center for Professional Communication where we work on several client-based projects in the Clemson community. I also am the Sports Editor at Clemson’s student newspaper, The Tiger, and look forward to continuing my role with them in the spring. I hope to see you all in the Writing Center soon! If I were a donut I would definitely be a chocolate donut with sprinkles because there is no other type of donut worth eating.

Tyler Rodgers

My name is Tyler Rodgers and I am a junior architecture major. I joined the writing center this fall because I was looking for an opportunity to learn how to strengthen my own writing and to read the work of other Clemson students. I enjoy writing in part because I believe that the ability to communicate clearly is one of the most valuable skills that a person can have, and that it is important to understand how to adapt a message for any audience. Outside of the writing center, I also serve as a member of the Clemson Sustainability Committee, and I participate in a Creative Inquiry addressing applications for composites in architecture. And finally, if I had a choice between being a pirate or a ninja, I would of course choose ninja.

Hannah Spencer

My name is Hannah Spencer and I am a senior studying Environmental and Natural Resources. I joined the Writing Center last fall because I love to write and because I believe that a well written document, in any field, is one of the best ways to inspire understanding and passion in other people. Being a Writing Fellow allows me to help other people communicate their thoughts more clearly, and it also lets me learn about a new topic every time I go to work! Last year I was a staff writer for Clemson’s popular science magazine, Tigra Scientifica, and I am currently working as part of a Creative Inquiry team researching peach tree phenology. If I could be an animal, I would choose to be a King Vulture because of their intelligence, unconventional beauty, and integral role in the ecosystem as nature’s recyclers!


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