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Clemson Writing Lab consultants are peer educators. As a Graduate Writing Consultant, you will meet one-on-one with graduate students from across the university to discuss writing projects in various disciplines and genres. You will act as a sounding board for writers as they brainstorm their ideas; help them learn strategies for researching, drafting, organizing, revising, and editing, and direct them to writing resources. Supporting graduate writers, you will help fellow writers work through graduate-level writing demands. Finally, you will provide feedback to these writers face-to-face, via e-mail, and/or via Zoom at any point in the writing process.

In recognition of the growing diversity of the Clemson community, we would like to expand our staff to reflect and project a vision of inclusivity and sensitivity as defined by the Writing Lab and the broader university. You will have the opportunity to meet and support hundreds of individual students with various identities, life experiences, worldviews, languages, and voices, offering opportunities to develop socially, academically, and professionally.

Our consultants have differing levels of expertise. To support all consultants, the Writing Lab provides new employees with pre-service training, ongoing education and professional development, and specialized training modules to prepare them for the roles and responsibilities of consultant practice at no cost. As a Writing Lab predominantly comprised of student-employees, we encourage everyone to bring their ideas, interests, and skills to expand the collective knowledge and abilities of the Writing Lab.

  • Qualifications
    The following are required qualifications for a Graduate Writing Consultant:
    • Be a graduate student at Clemson University in good standing in any discipline.
      • The Writing Lab welcomes applicants from any field, but particularly desires applicants in the sciences and social sciences. 
    • Demonstrate engagement and academic success in chosen field(s).
    • Exhibit effective written communication skills as evidenced in application materials.
    • Show investment in helping fellow writers reach their academic goals.
    • Be willing and able to work productively with diverse populations.
    • Possess strong listening skills and the ability to respond to writers’ questions with patience.
    • Have a commitment to the improvement of your writing.
  • Salary

    Starting salary: $15.00 per hour
    Time commitment: maximum 8 hours per week

    Graduate consultants work no fewer than 5 hours per week and may work as many as 8 hours per week if their other departmental duties allow.

  • Important Dates

    August 1, 2023 - We will begin reviewing applications.

    Applications will remain open until all positions are filled. Currently, one position is available.

  • Application Materials and Process

    Required Materials:

    1. Cover Letter The cover letter should discuss why you seek to become a Graduate Writing Consultant and why you want to support writers at Clemson. You should also indicate your willingness to proceed with ongoing training and professional development meetings. 

    2. Writing Sample: The writing sample should be a paper from a class that best illustrates your strengths as a communicator OR a piece that demonstrates your effectiveness in written communication—less than 20 pages.

    3. Resume or CV 

    Clemson JobLink ID: 207458

    Once your application is received, you will receive a confirmation email. After the search process is complete, the Writing Lab Director will notify successful short-list applicants. Short-list applicants will then attend an interview with the selection committee. Interviews will be scheduled on an individual basis and will be 15-20 minutes in length. 

Gain Valuable Experience

  • Enhancing Writing Skills: Working closely with other writers and providing feedback on their work can enhance a graduate student's own writing skills. By analyzing and evaluating different writing styles and approaches, you can gain insights and improve their own writing abilities.

  • Developing Communication Skills: Collaborating with diverse writers and effectively conveying feedback and suggestions can help graduate students refine their communication skills. As graduate writing consultants, you will interact with writers from various backgrounds and disciplines, strengthening their ability to articulate ideas and provide constructive feedback.

  • Building Empathy and Patience: Assisting writers of different skill levels and grappling with a range of writing challenges can foster empathy and patience in graduate students. This experience can enhance your ability to work with individuals from various backgrounds, understand different writing processes, and tailor support to meet specific needs.

  • Expanding Knowledge and Research: Working in the Writing Lab exposes graduate students to a wide range of topics and disciplines. Through the diverse writing projects they encounter, you can expand your knowledge base, explore different research areas, and gain insights into interdisciplinary approaches.

  • Developing Leadership and Mentorship Skills: Graduate students in the Writing Lab often have opportunities to lead writing workshops, conduct writing consultations, and guide others through the writing process. These experiences can develop leadership and mentorship skills, as you provide guidance, support, and resources to fellow writers.

  • Networking and Professional Development: The Writing Lab is a hub for academic and professional connections. Graduate students can network with faculty members, researchers, and other professionals who visit the writing center, opening doors to collaboration and potential opportunities for your own research and career development.

Working in the Writing Lab provides graduate students with a supportive environment to develop writing, communication, mentorship, and leadership skills. It offers valuable experiences that can enhance you academic and professional growth while making a positive impact on the writing community.

The Writing Lab
The Writing Lab | 301 Cooper Library, Clemson, S.C. 29634