List of Federally Registered Restricted Use Pesticides

2003 List of Federally Registered Restricted Use Pesticides

August 2003
Larry Schulze, Extension Pesticide Coordinator
Cooperative Extension Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Nebraska

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The list of federally registered restricted use pesticides published herein is intended solely to assist applicators, educators and consumers in recognizing products which may be classified for such use. The "Restricted Use" classification restricts a product, or its uses, to use by a certified and/or licensed pesticide applicator or under the direct supervision of such applicator. (For detailed information on the "Restricted Use" Classification, consult 40 CFR Subpart I, 152.160).

This list is based on the Restricted Use Products (RUP) Report database as maintained by the Office of Pesticide Programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (see This list follows the EPA report format and lists the active ingredients as cross-referenced with the restricted use pesticides/product trade names. The official list of Restricted Use pesticides is subject to periodic change.

The active ingredient, isoxaflutole (Balance and Epic herbicides), holds a conditional registration and is not included by the EPA in its federally registered restricted use pesticides list. For a current list of federally restricted use pesticides, contact the nearest EPA office. In addition, individual state lead agencies must register these products before sale and use in their respective states.

Additional pesticide-related information is available from the Clemson University Pesticide Information Program and also from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Pesticide Education Resources.

    Table of Federally Restricted Use Pesticides

    Active Ingredient Trade Name Pesticide Type Restricted Formulations Use Pattern
    Acetochlor Harness, Surpass, Doubleplay, Topnotch, Acetochlor, Fultime, Degree Herbicide Emulsifiable concentrate Field corn, popcorn, forage/fodder corn
    Acrolein Magnacide H and B, Aqualin Herbicide As sole active ingredient All uses
    Alachlor Lasso II, Lasso, Lasso and Atrazine Flowable, Lasso Micro-Tech, Partner WDG, Bullet, Freedom, Shroud Herbicide All formulations All uses
    Aldicarb Temik Nematicide; insecticide, miticide As sole active ingredient and in combination with other actives; all granular formulations All uses
    Aluminum phosphide Fumex, Tri-Tox, 27 Stoxin, Gastoxin, Quik Fume, Detia Gas/Tablet/Pellets, Detia Rotox AT/AP, Fumidtoxin, Phostoxin, Fumi-cell/Fumi Strip, Magtoxin, Detia Fumex, others Fumigant As sole active ingredient All uses
    Amitraz Mitac, Taktic Insecticide, miticide All formulations Pears
    Amitrole Amizol Herbicide All formulations All uses except homeowner
    Arsenic acid Chemonite Part A, Hy-Yield H-10, Desiccant L-10, Poly Brand Desiccant, CCA Type C, CSI Arsenic Acid, Koppers Arsenic Acid Herbicide, wood preservative All formulations except brush-on All desiccant uses, all wood preservative uses
    Arsenic pentoxide Osmose K-33, Chromated Copper Arsenate, CCA, Wolmanac, Wood-Last Wood preservative All formulations Wood preservative uses
    Atrazine Atrazine, Aatrex, Axiom AT, Bicep, Bicep Magnum, Bullet, Cynex, Marksman, Guardsman, Centric, Harness, Basis Gold, FulTime, Liberty ATZ, Surpass, Sutazine, Lariat, others Herbicide All manufacturing and end use formulations Agricultural and/or industrial herbicide, home use exempted from restrictions
    Avermectin (Editor's note: Non-EPA sources list A.I. as abamectin) Zephyr, Agri-Mek Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrate Cotton, citrus (Editor's note: Some labels list active ingredient as "abamectin" with additional sites.)
    Avitrol (Editor's note: Non-EPA sources list A.I. as aminopyridine) Avitrol Bird control All formulations All uses
    Azinphos-methyl Guthion, Ketokil No. 52, Azinphos M, Dutox, others Insecticide All liquids with a concentration greater than 13.5%, all other formulations on a case by case basis All uses
    Bendiocarb Turcam, Turcam Plus Insecticide Granular and wettable powder Turf
    Bifenthrin Capture, Brigade, Talstar Insecticide, miticide Emulsifiable concentrate Cotton
    Bis(tributyltin) oxide Interlux Micron, Interswift BKA007, Super Sea Jacket, Hempel's Antifouling Combic, Navicote 2000, AF-SeafloZ-100 Biocide Solution, ready to use Antifouling paint
    Carbofuran Furadan Nematicide, insecticide All formulations, except pellets/tablets All uses
    Chlorethoxyfos Fortress Insecticide Granular Corn: pop, field, sweet, forage
    Chlorophacinone Rozol Tracking Powder, Rozol Blue Tracking Powder Rodenticide Tracking powder, dust and ready-to-use formulations 0.2% Inside buildings
    Chloropicrin Timberfume, Chlor-O-Pic, Tri-Con, Brom-O-Gas, Terr-O-Gas, Pic-Brom, Bro-Mean, Pic-Chlor, Dowfume MC-33, Metabrom, Metapicrin, Methyl Bromide mixtures, Hi Yield 98-2, Telone, others Fumigant, fungicide, rodenticide All formulations greater than 2% and all formulations for rodent control All uses (greater than 2% including rodent control)
    Chlorpyrifos Lorsban, Cyren TC, Dur-O-Cap, Dursban, Pkylrifox, Super Brand D, Strikeforce, Reside, Killmaster II, Pestban, Pryinex, Nufos, Navigator, Chlorpyrifos, Chlorfos, Pilot, Empire, Equity, Lentrek, Ditox, Termiticide T/C Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrate Wheat
    Chromic acid CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate), Osmose K-33, Chromic Acid, Timberfume, Osmoplastic, Timberlife, Womanac, others Wood preservative All formulations except brush-on All wood preservative uses
    Clofentezine Apollo SC Miticide Apollo SC All uses
    Coal tar 60/40 Creosote Coal Tar Solution Wood preservative Solution, ready to use Wood preserving compounds
    Coal tar creosote Creosote Oil, Creosote Coal Tar, Creosote Solution, Smoplastic-F, Osmoplastic, Osmoplastic SD Wood preservative All formulations Wood preservative uses
    Coumaphos CO-RAL Insecticide Flowable concentrate Indoor food and indoor non-food
    Creosote oil Original Carbolineum, Osmoplastic SD Wood preservative All formulations Wood preservative
    Cubé Resins Other Than Rote PM NUSYN, Noxfish, Rotenone Fish Toxicant, Cube Powder Insecticide Emulsifiable Concentrate Small fruits, currants, certain berries
    Cyanazine Bladex, Cycle Herbicide All formulations All uses
    Cyfluthrin Baythroid 2, Aztec, Tempo 2, Legend 2.7, Renounce 20WP, Leverage Insecticide 25% emulsifiable concentrate Agricultural
    Cyhalothrin Karate C50 Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrate Cotton
    Cypermethrin Ammo, Cynoff, Cypermethrin Technical Insecticide All formulations All ag. crop uses
    Deltamethrin Decis, Striker, Deltagard Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrate Cotton
    Diazinon Diazinon, Knox Out NL, Diasol, Drexel, others Insecticide Granular, emulsifiable concentrates, wettable powders Small fruits, certain berries, currants, grapes
    Dichlobenil Sewerout II, Sanaform, Vaporooter Herbicide 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile Terrestrial
    Dichloropropene Telone, Tri-Form, Pic Clor, Inline, Brom 70/30 Soil fumigant All formulations (94% liquid concentrate is the only formulation) All uses
    Diclofop methyl Hoelon 3 EC, Brestan H Herbicide All formulations All uses
    Dicrotophos Chiles' Go-Better, Mauget Inject-A-Cide B Insecticide All liquid formulations 8% and greater All uses
    Diflubenzuron Dimilin, Micromite Insecticide Wettable powders All uses
    Dioxathion Cooper Del-Tox Delnav Insecticide, miticide All concentrate solutions or emulsifiable concentrates greater than 30%, all solutions 3% and greater for domestic uses All uses
    Disulfoton Di-Syston, Root-X, Stand-Aid, Rigo Insyst-D Insecticide All ECs 65% and greater, all ECs and concentrate solutions 21% and greater with fensulfothion 43% and greater, all ECs 32% and greater in combination with 32% fensulfothion and greater All uses, commercial seed treatment (non-aqueous solution 95% and greater).
    Emamectin Benzoate Proclaim Insecticide, miticide 4-Epimethylamino-4 Deoxykavermectin BLA and B1b Benzoates Insecticide, miticide
    Endrin Velsicol Endrin 1.6 EC   9.4% liquid (all others cancelled) Bird perch use
    Ethion Ethion Insecticide, miticide Only two products All uses
    Ethoprop Mocap, Holdem Nematicide, insecticide Emulsifiable concentrates 40% and greater (aquatic uses); all granular and fertilizer formulations Aquatic uses (EC 40% or greater); All uses (granular and fertilizer formulations)
    Fenamiphos Nemacur Nematicide, insecticide Emulsifiable concentrates 35% and greater All uses
    Fenbutatin-oxide Vendex 50 Miticide Wettable powder Grapes
    Fenitrothion Sumithion Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrate, 93% soluble concentrate/liquid Only forestry uses
    Fenpropathrin Danitol, Tame Insecticide, miticide 2.4 EC spray Cotton
    Fenthion Mosquitocide 700, Baytex Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrate Mosquitocide
    Fenvalerate Asana XL, Fury 1.5 Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrates (30%) Outdoor uses
    Fipronil Regent, Icon Insecticide All formulations Insecticide, miticide
    Hydrogen cyanamide Dormex Herbicide 50% active ingredient Desert grown grapes
    Isoxaflutole Balance, Epic Herbicide See label See label
    Lambda cyhalothrin Karate, Scimitar, Demand CS, Warrior Insecticide All formulations All uses
    Lindane Or-Cal Metam-S.A.U., Purina Hot Dust, Lindane, Dowfume Insecticide All formulations for various uses Avocados, pecans, livestock sprays, forestry, Christmas trees, commercial ornamentals, structural treatments, dog dusts/shampoos
    Magnesium phosphide Phostoxin, Fumi-Cel Plate, Magnaphos Insecticide, fumigant All formulations All uses
    Methamidophos Monitor 4 Insecticide Liquid formulations 40% and greater, dust formulations 2.5% and greater All uses
    Methidathion Supracide Insecticide, miticide All formulations All uses except nursery stock, safflower and sunflower
    Methiocarb Mesurol Insecticide, molluscicide All formulations Outdoor commercial and ag uses
    Methomyl Lannate, Methomyl 5G, Lannabait Insecticide As sole active ingredient in 1% to 2.5% baits (except 1% fly bait), all concentrated solution formulations and 90% WP formulations (not in water soluble bags) Non-domestic outdoor ag crops, ornamentals and turf; all other registered uses
    Methyl bromide Meth-O-Gas, Terr-O-Gas, Brom-O-Gas, Bro-Mean, Pic-Brom, Metabrom, Tri-Con, Tri-Brom, Trical, Telone, Brom-O-Sol, MBC, M-B-2, M-33, others Fumigant All formulations All uses
    Methyl isothiocyanate Mitc-Fume, Degussa methyl isothiocyanate Wood preservative Solution, ready to use Fungicide for wood, wood preservative
    Mevinphos Phosdrin, Duraphos Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrates, 2% dust All uses
    Niclosamide Bayluscide Molluscicide, larvicide 70% wettable powder and greater All uses
    Nicotine Nicotine, 4-Tin, Fulex Insecticide, fumigant Liquid and dry formulations 14% and above (greenhouse); all formulations to cranberries Greenhouse applications, all applications to cranberries
    Nitrogen, liquid Liquid nitrogen Insecticide Solution, ready to use Termiticide
    Oxamyl Vydate Nematicide, insecticide Liquid formulations; granular on a case by case basis All uses
    Oxydemeton methyl Dylox/MSR, Inject-A-Cide, Harpoon, Metasystox-R Insecticide All products All uses
    Paraquat Gramoxone, Gramoxone Extra, Prelude, Surefire, Cyclone, Griffin BOA, Marman Herbiquat Herbicide All formulations and concentrations except for certain mixtures, see label All uses
    Parathion, ethyl Parathion, Phoskil, Parawet, Durathion, Paraspray, Ethyl-Methyl Parathion, others Insecticide All formulations All uses
    Parathion, methyl Methyl Parathion, MP-4, 6-3, Methyl 4, others Insecticide All formulations All uses
    Pentachlorophenol Penta, Pol-NU, Oz-88, Pentacon, Osmoplastic-F, Forepen, Dura-Treet, Penwar, Vulcan, others Wood preservative All formulations Wood preservative uses
    Pentachlorophenol, Sodium S Mitrol G-ST, Dura Treat II Wood preservative All formulations Wood preservative uses
    Permethrin Pounce, Ambush, Ketokil No. 52, Biomist Insecticide All formulations Ag crop uses (broadcast spray)
    Phorate Thimet, Rampart, Phorate, Holdem, Milo Bait, others Insecticide Liquid formulations 65% and greater, all granular formulations on rice All uses
    Phostebupirim (tebupirimphos) Aztec Insecticide Granular Corn: pop, field, sweet, forage
    Picloram Tordon 22K / K, Grazon PC Herbicide All formulations and concentrations except Tordon 101R All uses
    Piperonyl Butoxide Vex, Obilique, Scourge, NUSYN, Ultra TEC, Prentox Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrate Small fruits, certain berries, currants
    Profenophos Curacron Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrate 59.4% Cotton
    Pronamide Kerb Herbicide All 50% wettable powders All uses
    Propanoic acid Silverado Herbicide Emulsifiable concentrate Wheat, cotton, rice, clover, alfalfa, wheatgrass, sideoats grama, little bluestem, edible chrysanthemum
    Propetamphos Zoecon Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrates 50% Indoor domestic use
    Pyrethrins Buggone II Insecticide Emulsifiable concentrates 50% No uses listed
    Resmethrin Oblique, Bonide, SBP-1382, Scourge, Synthrin Insecticide All formulations Mosquito abatement and pest control treatments at non-ag sites
    Rotenone Rotenone, Noxfish, NUSYN, Synpren, Prenfish, Chem-Fish, Cubé Fish toxicant 2.5 / 5.0 EC, 5.0% + 20% wettable powder Fish kill — lakes, ponds and streams (immediately above lakes and ponds)
    Simazine Simazine, Printrex, Simazat Herbicide Emulsifiable concentrate Berries (cane, black, blue, logan, cran., rasp., straw.), grapes
    Sodium cyanide M-44 Cyanide, DRC-1339 Rodenticide All capsules and bait formulations All uses
    Sodium dichromate Osmoplastic SD, CSI 70% Wood preservative All wood preservative formulations All formulations except brush-on
    Sodium fluoracetate Compound 1080 Livestock Protection Collar Rodenticide All solutions and dry baits All uses
    Sodium hydroxide Augus Hot Rod Herbicide Ready to use solution Control tree roots in sewage systems
    Sodium methyl dithiocarbamate Metam Sodium, Metam S.A.U., Vaporooter, Sodcure Fumigant, herbicide 32.7% anhydrous Soil fumigant to control soilborne pests to ornamentals, food and fiber crops
    Starlicide Gull Toxicant, Compound DRC Bird repellent 98% concentrates Bird repellent
    Strychnine Strychnine, Pocket Gopher Bait, Gopher Getter, Gopher-Rodent Killer, others Rodenticide Dry baits, pellets and powder formulations, see label for specifics All uses — All uses calling for burrow builders; all uses except below ground, hand application
    Sulfotepp Dithio Insecticidal Smoke, Plantfume Insecticide Sprays and smoke generators All uses
    Sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid Desiccant Solution, ready to use Desiccant for potato vines
    Sulfuryl fluoride Termafume, Vikane Fumigant All formulations All uses
    Sulprofos Bolstar 6 Insecticide All formulations All uses
    Tefluthrin Force Insecticide Granular product Corn grown for seed
    Terbufos Counter Insecticide Granular formulations 15% and greater All uses
    TFM Sea Lamprey Larvicide, TFM Bar Biocide Impregnated material Aquatic pest control
    Tralomethrin Scout, Striker Insecticide All formulations All ag crop uses
    Tributyltin fluoride Polyflo, KL-990, Pro-Line 1077, Vin Clad Super Vinge Biocide Solution, ready to use Antifouling paint
    Tributyltin methacrylate Interlux Micron, Interswift BKA007, Intersmooth Hisol, M&T Polyflo, Amercoat, Biocop, AF-SeafloZ-100, Hempel's, XL 48 Biocide Solution, ready to use Antifouling paint
    Tri-isopropranolamine Toram 101 Herbicide Emulsifiable concentrate All uses
    Triphenyltin Hydroxide Super Tin, Du-Ter, Brestan H, Photon, ProTex, Agri Tin, Enable WSP/Agritin Fungicide All formulations All uses
    Zinc phosphide Ridall-Zinc Rodent Field/Ag Bait, ZP Tracking Powder, ZP Rodent Bait, Orchard Mouse Bait, Mous-Con, others Rodenticide All dry formulations 60% and greater, all bait formulations, all dry formulations 10% and greater for domestic uses All uses — Non-domestic outdoor uses (other 1-2% formulation in/around buildings); domestic uses

    Table of Chemicals Deleted from Restricted Use Pesticide List because of Product Cancellation
    Active Ingredient Trade Name Pesticide Type
    Acrylonitrile Acritet 34-66 Fumigant, insecticide
    Allyl alcohol Weed Seed Killer Herbicide
    Alpha-chlorohydrin Epibloc Rodenticide
    Brodifacoum Talon G Rodenticide
    Butylate Sutazine Herbicide
    Cadmium chloride Caddy Fungicide
    Calcium cyanide A-Dust, G-Fumigant Insecticide
    Carbon dioxide Makr carbon dioxide Fumigant
    Carbon tetrachloride Dowfume 75, Vulcan Formula 72 Fumigant
    Chlordane Chlordane Termiticide
    Chlordimeform Galecron, Fundal Insecticide, miticide
    Chlorfenvinphos Poultry Premise Larvicide Insecticide
    Chlorobenzilate Acaraben, Benz-o-chlor, Benzilan Insecticide
    Chlorothalonil Dacobre Fungicide
    Copper oxychloride Dacobre DG Fungicide, bactericide
    Creosote BL Coal tar creosote (non-pressure) Wood preservative
    Cupric oxide Chapman CCA-50 Fungicide
    Cycloheximide Acti-Aid Fumigant, insecticide
    DBCP Nematocide EM or Solution Fumigant
    Demeton Systox 2, Systox 6, Demox, Stemite Insecticide
    Diallate Avadex Herbicide
    Diphacinone Gold Crest Tracking Powder Rodenticide
    Dodemorph Milban Fungicide
    E-mevinphos Duraphos, Phosdrin Insecticide
    EPN EPN, Barricade, Powertox, MEPN, Budmor, Raider, Veto, others Insecticide
    Ethylene dibromide TRI-X Garment Fumigant, Infuco Dibrome Fumigant
    Fensulfothion Dasanit, BIG-D Granules Insecticide
    Flucythrinate Pay Off, AASTAR Insecticide
    Fluoroacetamide Fluoracetamide/1080 Rodenticide
    Fluvalinate Mavrik, Spur Insecticide
    Fonofos Dyfonate Insecticide
    Hydrocyanic acid HCN Fumigant
    Imazaquin Ala-Scept, Mon-985 (Editor's note - Sceptor is not an RUP) Herbicide
    Isazofos Triumph 4E Insecticide
    Isofenphos Pryfon 6, Amaze 6 Termiticide
    Monocrotophos Azodrin, DPHMC 5, Chiles' Go-Better Insecticide
    Phosacetim Gophacide, Gopher-Trol, others Rodenticide
    Phosalone Zolone Insecticide
    Phosphamidon Phosphamidon 8 Insecticide
    Potassium pentachlorophenate Permatox 180 or 182 Wood preservative
    Sodium arsenate Sodium arsenate, Osmosalts Wood preservative
    Sodium pyroarsenate Wolman Salts CCA-Type B Wood preservative
    TEPP Miller Kilmite-40 Insecticide
    Tergitrol Compound PA-14 Bird Control
    Toxaphene Toxaphene Insecticide
    Trifluralin Canon Herbicide
    University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension Circular EC03-2500-A
    Issued August 2003

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