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Athletic Council

Swimmers line up for the swim portion of a triathlon


The Athletic Council is a presidential council that serves as the liaison between the Clemson University faculty and administration and athletic department. The primary role of the Athletic Council will be to assist the president and Academic-Athletic Oversight Committee in ensuring that the welfare of our student athletes remains a top priority while maintaining the academic integrity of the institution.


The purpose of the Athletic Council will be to review and recommend policies related to and that impact academic issues and integrity as well as student athlete welfare and experience. Additionally, the athletic council will conduct annual reviews of athletic budgets, facility plans, hiring practices, and promoting public relations between the athletic department, University Colleges, and broader campus community.

Group playing volleyball on the Y beach.


Athletic Council meets frequently throughout the year, as established by the Executive Council. Meetings are held via zoom from 3:30-5:00 pm. Contact Dr. Jasmine Townsend if you have questions about an upcoming Council meeting.

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