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Testimonials and Career Outcomes

M.S. Marketing graduates have found employment throughout South Carolina, the United States and worldwide. See what our alumni say, and use the table below to sort and search the list of job titles and employers for some of our graduates to get an idea of the careers available after completing the program!

Emily Brown

“I chose the M.S. in Marketing program specifically because much of what I’d done in my undergraduate tenure was promotional efforts. This would look like growing membership of my club sports team, promoting riding lessons for the various horse farms I’d interned for, or coming up with fresh ideas for logo-wear apparel for each organization. I was very passionate about what I was doing. While the strategies and efforts I’d implemented were effective, I knew that there was so much more to learn. Marketing was the natural choice for this reason. This program has 100% set me up for success to take on whatever challenge comes next due to its extremely applied nature in relating to the real world and how to best leverage consumer data to get actionable results. The future and the now are data in every industry, and this program could not be more up-to-date in that sense.”

Emily Brown (2024)
Sports Sales
Cleveland Cavaliers
Lizz Pingry

“I get asked a lot if going back for my master's degree was worth it. And for my M.S. degree at Clemson, I can say it 100% was. Clemson's program allowed me to focus and dive deep into the marketing curriculum I would have not been able to do if I pursued a traditional MBA. At Clemson, I was able to build upon my marketing foundation and bring my skills from working in the field to the next level. I think one thing that made my time special was the ability to connect with my fellow students working in different areas of marketing. Whether that be market research and data collection, startups, agency work or working at large corporations, all of these perspectives gave me guidance in my future career planning and helped me make connections for a lifetime, both personally and professionally.”

Lizz Pingry (2017)
Director of Marketing
Aimee Wilcox

“My M.S. Marketing degree gave me a firm foundation for how marketing and business decisions in the real world are made. Coming out of the program, I had an understanding of how to design a survey, collect data in a methodologically sound way, analyze data, and use that data to make informed business decisions and track business impact. This program allowed me to see how consultants in the strategy space make decisions. Now that I work with these consultants daily, I have insight into what it is they do with the data my team provides so I can better partner with them and improve their research experience. The program’s quantitative courses were the most impactful to me. Marketing was already interesting to me, but seeing how data can be brought to life and combining those two together was a key learning insight for me as I entered the market research industry.”

Aimee Wilcox (2015)
Manager, Client Services
Stephanie Johnson Gosnell

“Having an M.S. degree made me stand out in the crowd of applicants. It showed potential employers that I am passionate about marketing and understand all aspects intricately. It gave me a strong marketing foundation that made entering the workforce more of a next step instead of a new journey. The program is very intentional with its focus on different areas of marketing, including analytics, research, strategy, and communication, all of which are marketing tactics that I use every day. Marketing Research was by far the most useful course for me because, simply put, marketing is constantly changing. What worked yesterday may not work today, and relying on data to make decisions will always be a critical part of the practice. As a marketer, research is key. It's what helps us understand our customers and their needs, and it's what allows us to make data-driven decisions. That's essential for any business because you can't create a successful marketing strategy without knowing what your customers want.”

Stephanie Johnson Gosnell (2007)
Head of Marketing - Accelerynt
Owner/Founder - Nimble Mavens Marketing
David Mitchell

“While in the M.S. Marketing program, I was surrounded and supported by an incredible group of faculty, staff and students. The program instilled a level of confidence in my abilities and validated that this was the industry in which I wanted to build my career. The value of the program is that it is a full-service offering to ensure students leave with a well-rounded knowledge base to pursue a career as a marketing professional. Whether it was data and analytics or market trends and consumer behavior, I still find myself tapping into that knowledge to inform and grow within my career daily.”

David Mitchell (2007)
VP, Group Account Director

Career Outcomes

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