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2019 Online Summer Program

Online Summer Course Syllabi

For more information on the courses offered online in Summer 2019, click the links below to view sample syllabi. These are not official syllabi for Summer 2019; information on dates, assignments and tests may not be accurate. Only enrolled students will be able to obtain the official syllabus, which will be available for download from the associated course website. For information on registering for summer courses as a transient student, please see our transient student page

Summer Session I

ME 2040 - Mechanics of Materials link to ME 2040 Sample Syllabus: Relationships between external loads on solid bodies or members and the resulting internal effects and dimension changes, including the derivation of rational formulas for stresses and deformations and the identification and use of important mechanical properties of engineering materials.

ME 3080 – Fluid Mechanics link to ME 3080 Sample Syllabus: Behavior of fluids at rest or in motion, including the study of fluid properties. Emphasizes a rational, analytical approach from which are developed basic principles of broad applicability to all fields of engineering.

ME 3120 – Manufacturing Processes and Their Application link to ME 3120 Sample Syllabus: Fundamental principles associated with production processes and their application to the manufacture of products from metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites. Emphasizes the physical and quantitative aspects of processing, the selection of processes to create products, and the identification processes used to manufacture existing products.

ME 4570 – Fundamentals of Wind Power link to ME 4570 Sample Syllabus: Introduces wind turbine systems, including wind energy potential and application to power generation. Topics include wind energy principles, wind site assessment, wind turbine components, power generation machinery control systems, connection to the electric grid, and maintenance. 

Summer Session II

ME 3070 – Foundations of Mechanical Systems link to ME 3070 Sample Syllabus: Introduction to physical elements and mechanisms that define basic mechanical engineering systems. Application of kinematic and kinetic analysis to mechanisms and the role of design in mechanisms.

ME 4250 – Aircraft Conceptual Design: This course develops the aspects involved in the conceptual design of an aircraft. Focus is on the interplay between goals and constraints in the process of the design of a subsonic aircraft.

Long Summer Session

ME 3100 – Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer: Link to ME 3100 Sample Syllabus Introduction to thermodynamics and heat transfer for nonmajors: properties of liquids and gases, first and second law analysis, introduction to cycles for power and refrigeration, heat flow by conduction and radiation, and convective heat flow and heat exchangers.

ME 4550 – Design for Manufacturing: Link to ME 4550 Sample Syllabus Concepts of product and process design for automated manufacturing are considered. Topics include product design for automated manufacturing, inspection and assembly, using automation, industrial robots, knowledge-based systems and concepts of flexible product manufacture.