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MFA/BFA Exhibitions

At the end of each semester MFA and BFA students enrolled in the Department of Art academic program prepare a professional exhibition of their creative work fulfilling a component of their degree requirement. MFA and BFA exhibits showcase the culmination of the students’ creative research and offers insights and perspectives into the creative processes through public presentations for the campus and community. 

Current MFA Exhibition:  "Reconsidered Home" by Ashley Waller

October 26 - November 5, 2020

Lee Gallery

Exhibition is open to students, staff and faculty of Clemson University.

Painting of a man resting on a couch.

"Watchin:Waiting" by Ashley Waller. Oil paint on canvas, detail image

Now, more than ever, people are spending greater amounts of time at home. Ashley Waller’s
paintings consider how the home space ought to operate as a comfortable haven, especially
during instances such as the ongoing pandemic, but often falls short of this expectation.
Through a primarily autobiographical lens, Reconsidered Home unmakes positive stereotypes
surrounding the domestic as a place of familiarity, stability, escape, and connection while
contemplating the state and definition of the contemporary home and family unit.

Recent MFA Exhibition:  "New Ruins" by Jordan Fowler

“New Ruins” MFA Thesis Exhibit by Jordan Fowler is an experiment in the collision of agencies and aesthetics in physical and digital growth and decay. This body of work emphasizes a post-humanities perspective of a failed future, taking the form of interconnected physical and digital artifacts. This research is explored from a combination of both analytical research-based investigations and science fictionesque narratives. The ambition of this experiment is to stumble upon novel interactions across the threshold that separates physical and digital spaces, an in-between space that is of growing importance as the agency of digital systems advance.