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Current Student Projects

Clemson Precast Design Studio

In the fall of 2013 Carlos Barrios worked with a graduate studio involving 39 students and 4 Faculty conducted a pilot in which we explored the use of precast concrete in architecture. We conducted a visit to the Metromont plant outside Greenville. The final review included guests from Metromont and Tindall Corporations. They suggested to repeat the experience and offered their expertise to support future studios. Several students from the fall studio participated in the spring of 2014 Clemson University's research events. Three students from the studio earned citations including first and second prizes, and an honorable mention. Additionally a peer-review paper was published and presented at the international convention of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) in Seoul, South Korea.

The PCI Foundation recently made a grant to Clemson University to begin a new program called Precast Performative Morphologies. This application of digital design solutions to precast & pre-stressed concrete for innovative and sustainable design in architecture is proposed as a four-year project of integrated and collaborative design studios, seminars and courses for graduate and undergraduate architecture students at Clemson University Architecture programs.

The project aims to study the use of digital technologies and morphological research to find innovative precast concrete applications for sustainable design in architecture. The courses will focus on current initiatives for development of a new high-speed rail line to improve travel in the Southeast proposed to follow the historical route of the Southern Crescent rail line, which connected Atlanta to Charlotte, Birmingham to Washington, DC, and New Orleans to New York. “Initially we believe that this will allow design and research teams comprised of both faculty and students to investigate design and material innovations that are associated with infrastructure and transportation options at various scales,” says Carlos Barrios, assistant professor of architecture. The grant award of $100,000 from the Precast Concrete Institute Foundation was awarded to Professor Carlos Barrios, PhD to conduct research and special studios that involve the use of precast concrete in architecture. The project will fund architecture studios for 4 years.

Currently a studio is being conducted in the school of Architecture in collaboration with the Department of Civil Engineering. Engineering Faculty are Brandon Ross and Scott Schiff. 7 Civil engineering students are involved in the studio and are also conducting a Creative Inquiry with Professors Barrios and Ross. This studio and the CI course will conduct a site visit to the Metromont Plant in Greenville to build a precast panel for architecture applications. Additional collaboration is also conducted with Tindall Corporation, another major local producer of precast concrete products in the area. A site visit to Tindall plant will be conducted during the spring 2015 semester.

Several research posters were presented at the National Precast Convention in Washington DC. Six students and three Faculty from Clemson University participated in the event.

Finally Dr. Carlos Barrios will present his research in precast concrete at the National Educator's forum for precast concrete to be held in Charlotte, NC in January 2015.

Class Visit to Metromont

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