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Clemson University’s Food, Packaging & Sustainability Summit

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Summit Sneak Peaks

Did you miss the preview of presentations from the Summit? You can view videos of the Coffee Hour with Deloitte Consulting and the "Scrappy Hour" with Chef Joel Gamoran on the FRESH YouTube Channel.

Virtual Sustainable Packaging Design Workshop
Hosted online by Clemson's Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics, this online workshop is a packaging primer that describes the role of designing for sustainability in a circular economy. The course is split into four, one-hour sessions and will take a holistic approach to packaging, starting with the basics of packaging materials, why packaging matters, drivers of sustainability, current end-of-life scenarios and the opportunities of a total life-cycle design process. You will have 30 days to complete this course. This webinar was pre-recorded in September 2020.

FRESH Food, Packaging & Sustainability Summit - We're Going Virtual!

The Sonoco FRESH initiative invites you to Clemson's inaugural Food, Packaging & Sustainability Summit on February 24-26, 2021, which will now be a fully online, virtual experience. The Summit's theme, "Safe. Secure. Sustainable.", depicts the goal of ensuring consumer confidence that packaging will protect food and the environment. You are invited to join the conversation as the need for collaborations and innovative approaches has never been greater.

You're Invited!

Please plan to attend the virtual Food, Packaging & Sustainability Summit February 24-26, 2021. Find more information at: