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STEAM Teaching Certificate

The College of Education offers a four-course online sequence that leads to a certificate in STEAM education. The program is designed to help educators who seek to incorporate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) teaching into their curriculum. With this certificate, teachers learn how to help students solve relevant, real-world problems using an integration of the five disciplines.

The STEAM certificate courses are also offered as part of our Teaching and Learning M.Ed. program. By completing six additional courses, you will gain your certificate and master’s degree. If you are interested in apply for the Teaching and Learning M.Ed. with a STEAM specialization, please visit the program’s website.

  • Admission Requirements
    • The STEAM certificate admits for the fall term only. The application deadline is August 1 or until the program is at capacity.
    • Admission requirements include the following:
    • Currently teaching in a K-12 classroom
    • A complete non-degree seeking graduate student application:
      • Unofficial transcripts
      • Current resume/vita
      • A brief personal statement – Why STEAM?
  • Program Requirements

    Courses must be taken in sequence listed below:

    Plan of Study:

    • ST EAM Instructional Design - ED 8700
      • Focuses on STEAM instructional design for teachers, including subject-matter alignment, discipline integration, and ways to employ problem-solving skills. Emphasizes STEAM-based practices such as problem-based, inquiry-rich, authentic tasks, and ways to integrate technology across the curriculum.
    • STEAM Transdisciplinary Teaching - ED 8710/8711
      • Focuses on STEAM-based instructional approaches, including the ways in which teachers structure the classroom environment, tasks, and resources to facilitate deep learning. These instructional approaches include problem-based, student-driven, authentic tasks, and technology integration, and supports for equitable participation.
    • STEAM Assessment - ED 8730
      • Focuses on assessment practices the support learning, including the iterative process of refining instruction and evaluating learning in a real-world context using multiple forms of data. Assessment types include authentic, embedded, incorporate regular feedback, and drives adjustments to teaching.
    • STEAM Enacted and Evaluated - ED 8720/ED 8721
      • Focuses on the ways to implement the STEAM teaching beyond the classroom to create leaders in the pedagogy. Emphasizes evaluation, feedback and changes in practice, and examines and utilizes the STEAM Observation to help school teachers understand STEAM teaching and learning.
  • Schedule and Location

    The certificate takes four academic semesters to complete (fall - ED 8700, spring - ED 8710/8711, summer – ED 8730, and fall - ED 8720/8721). Each course lasts 8 weeks. For more information on academic terms, please visit the University Academic Calendar.

    The courses are taught asynchronously online; however, there is a practicum requirement and therefore applicants should be currently teaching K-12, or have access to a classroom to teach in.

  • Financial

    The certificate is offered at a contract rate equal to the cost per credit hour of our Teaching and Learning M.Ed. (tier 5 online). The current cost of tuition is $460 per credit hour or approximately $5,600 for the entire certificate (12 credit hours).

  • Find Out More

    For more information about this program, please contact Julie Jones at