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A Letter from the Founding Dean

Petersen PicThe College of Education exists to promote the growth, education and development of all individuals. As our students engage in high-quality research, professional learning and immersive experiences, they are being shaped into change-agents – individuals who help learners of all ages grow and stretch to reach their fullest potential. This is especially evident in our commitment to serve underperforming schools and underserved communities across the state, nation and world.

This mission is vital – because it positively not only shapes the lives of individuals, but also the families and communities in which they live. As education improves, so do employment, poverty, crime and other factors, and communities are made stronger.
The College of Education depends on the generosity of our donors and friends to help us engage this mission. With your help, we can make the world a better place as we prepare our students and work with our partners to improve education – and the lives of the learners in our reach.


George J. Petersen
Founding Dean

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Margaret Owens
Senior Director of Development
110 Daniel Drive